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Scott Wagner Makes the Case for a Union at Penn Waste, Says Pennsylvania AFL-CIO


Scott Wagner Makes the Case for a Union at Penn Waste, Says Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

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HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Income inequality is an assault on Pennsylvania's workers, perpetrated by Scott Wagner and other corporate thugs.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is not afraid to call this what it is: legal, but immoral wage theft.  It is no surprise that Scott Wagner espouses this economic and social injustice as public policy.

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"If all it takes to organize workers at Penn Waste is knowing what CEO Scott Wagner makes, then wages must be pretty terrible," observed President Rick Bloomingdale. "Pennsylvania workers can't afford to elect Scott Wagner, because if it was left up to him the middle class would disappear.  Scott Wagner and the people like him don't care about the majority of Pennsylvanians who are working hard just to make ends meet.  The only reason Scott Wagner is running for office is to control the public contracts that fund his business and the profits he makes off the backs of taxpayers. All Scott Wagner cares about is Scott Wagner's paycheck."

"This is not about politics.  This story is about power.  Scott Wagner wants all the power at Penn Waste. Long after this election is over, Wagner will continue to pick up 361 paychecks compared to the one that his average employee earns," stated Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder. "It's not hard to figure out. If CEO Scott Wagner pays workers $10 an hour, he rakes in 7.5 million dollars a year.  If Penn Waste workers are paid $20 an hour, Wagner pulls in $15 million.  It's not up to union leaders to decide what is fair regarding wages, benefits, and working conditions. That's up to workers. Should they feel powerless alone, to address income inequality, then they could consider their power together as a union. And we stand ready to stand with them to help achieve that goal. Give us a call at 1-800-242-3770, we can help."

Background: "Wagner Says He Doesn't Want Workers to Know What He Makes", [AP, 8/21/18]


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