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Dear Nurse Susan Is Educating Patients How to Live Healthy With Cannabis


Dear Nurse Susan Is Educating Patients How to Live Healthy With Cannabis

Medical Cannabis has been around for years, almost 5,000 years!

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nurse Susan Marks is an RN, BSN and PHN and a member of the (ACNA) American Cannabis Nurses Association. The ACNA was founded in 2010 and currently has over 900 members. Although cannabis is a federally illegal substance, the cannabis-nursing field is evolving by setting standards that are applied by nurses in states where cannabis is legal on the local level.

The lack of education about Medical Cannabis and the relationship to the plant has created many myths and misconceptions. When people hear the word cannabis, they associate it with "smoking pot." The negative publicity came from decades of government prohibition, the "War on Drugs" before realizing cannabis has a medical benefit. Cannabis nursing is based around the knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and the safe use of herbal cannabis products into the standard nursing practice and the awareness of legal complexities attached to this herb.

As a traditionally trained nurse, Susan Marks (aka Dear Nurse Susan) recognized the value of using cannabis as a treatment protocol when appropriate and decided it was time to educate people to better understand the therapeutic benefits of cannabis through podcasts, interviews and working directly with medical patients. She is one of only a dozen nurses throughout California helping to educate patients understand the correct use of medical cannabis.

Nurse Susan explains, "It is necessary to have the right approach, products and dosing to see what works best for each individual. After assessing a medical patient's condition, I then educate each patient on how cannabis works in their body and is specific to their disease or issue." She explains further how to select safe and reliable products and the dosing process. Nurse Susan believes you can "Live Healthy and Pain-Free with Medical Cannabis."

Her valuable information is currently helping those suffering from disorders such as essential tremor, Insomnia, Cancer, Epilepsy, Depression among many other medical conditions. Many of her clients that are currently using prescription pharmaceuticals, Susan treats their symptoms with cannabis. These patients are often able to leave behind prescriptions drugs and the debilitating side effects that frequently accompany their use.

Since January 2018, Dear Nurse Susan has written over 20 blogs that answer many of the concerns people have using medical cannabis. Her blogs can be found in the CityWatchLA website. Just do a search for Nurse Susan.

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