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Multiforce Systems Announces Peak Billing Avoidance for EV Charging Management


Multiforce Systems Announces Peak Billing Avoidance for EV Charging Management

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PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Multiforce Systems Corporation announced today a key feature, time of day (TOD) fueling, for its FuelForce/EV™ power management product line, enabling fleet managers to avoid charging during utility peak billing periods. "Unlike standard fueling, electrical power for EV charging can cost an organization different amounts depending on the time of day and day of the week," explained Tom Bates, President of Multiforce Systems. "This is something fleet managers haven't had to deal with in the past and they need a straight forward and easy-to-use way to avoid demand charges and peak billing. Our FuelForce/EV™ Power Controller with our new TOD feature set provides just that."

Multiforce's FuelForce/EV™ power management controller sits between the electrical panel and up to 8 EV chargers, providing fleet managers the ability to identify, authorize, measure, and report EV charging alongside all other types of fuel.  The new lockout feature allows managers to block out peak billing periods during the day and days of the week.

The FuelForce/EV™ Platform is made up of both hardware and software components to provide a robust fuel/energy management solution. The hardware centers around the FuelForce® 814-EV fuel controller. The controller verifies, authorizes, controls and tracks the charging transaction. Once complete, the transaction is transferred to the central database where the cost can be compared with other fuels by vehicle, driver, site, or department. 

"Electric Vehicles are now being adopted at a faster and faster rate, and both public and private fleets across the country are integrating EVs into standard fleet operations," stated Warren Williams, Director of EV Business Development for Multiforce. "EV charging costs end up buried in the utility bill, something fleet managers rarely, if ever, see. Secondly, the variable daily utility rates create some serious unknowns when it comes to managing costs. That's why we are so pleased to include the TOD feature set in our FuelForce/EV™ platform."

About Multiforce Systems Corporation
Founded in 1981, Multiforce Systems Corporation has been continually innovating and developing FuelForce® fuel management systems. Multiforce pioneered the concept of an automated fuel management system that did not require input devices for authorization, was the first to offer a cloud-based fuel management system and the first to provide the management of EV charging in a standard fuel management system. 

Contact: Warren Williams, Director, EV Business Development, Multiforce Systems. 609-683-4242 x141

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