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New Policy Paper by the Mosaic Institute Recommends Criminalizing All Gun Possession


New Policy Paper by the Mosaic Institute Recommends Criminalizing All Gun Possession

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TORONTO, Aug. 23, 2018 /CNW/ - Today, the Mosaic Institute released its policy paper, Let's Eradicate Gun Violence by Criminalizing All Gun Possession. The piece outlines the Institute's position and recommendation on gun possession across Canada - stating that in order to address the primary cause of gun violence (i.e. possession), the country must take a strong stance and federally criminalize possession of all firearms.

With 50% more shootings in 2018 than 2014 in Toronto and a spate of recent shootings including the Danforth, Toronto multiple incidents and the Fredericton incident, more needs to be done to keep Canadians safe. Last weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Canadians in extending thoughts and prayers to the victims and affected communities of the Fredericton shooting. The Mosaic Institute encourages Canadians and the federal government to take a harder line on possession, recommending the following:

  1. Criminalize possession of all guns (with the exception of police, military, hunters and gun clubs).
  2. Set aside a fund to buy back weapons.
  3. Ratify the United Nations Protocol on Firearms Control.

To view the complete text of the policy paper, please visit:

It is Mosaic's plan to submit its policy paper to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Public Safety for consideration by the ministries for amending and strengthening Bill C-71, the currently proposed legislation.

Report Highlights:

  • Among developed nations, Canada has one of the highest levels of gun violence.
  • Canada has an average of 2.31 gun-related deaths per 100,000. This is nearly 86 times that of Japan which has an absolute ban on hand guns and firearms.
  • Australia, which enacted anti-gun legislation and a buy-back program in 1996, has been able to dramatically reduce gun violence.
  • 69% of Canadians believe that there should be a "strict ban" on guns in urban areas according to Ekos Research Associates' recent poll.
  • In 2016, the RCMP confiscated 25,123 illegal firearms, 20,000 of which were non-restricted.
  • In 1996, Australia set aside $500 million to buy back weapons – through this program, 650,000 weapons were surrendered for a total cost of $230 million (less than the allotted amount).

Amidst growing public concern and recent tragedies, it is imperative to push for criminalizing possession. In taking a stance, the Mosaic Institute hopes to encourage open dialogue and push for change.

About Mosaic Institute

The Mosaic Institute, a national 'think and do tank' based in Toronto, is committed to reducing social divisions and preventing conflict.

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