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Worldwide Laser Service Corporation Awarded New Contract for Six Laser Cutting Systems


Worldwide Laser Service Corporation Awarded New Contract for Six Laser Cutting Systems

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a contract to build six laser cutting systems for laser cutting plastic.

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GILBERT, Ariz., Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Worldwide Laser has been awarded a contract for a series of six laser cutting systems designed to cut plastics for a major N. American plastics manufacturer. In this article we explore some of the laser system cutting ability for plastic parts from medical plastic bottles to plastic supports to injection molded parts degating to drilling holes in plastic sheets. The LP series of lasers are ideal for cutting plastics in the Co2, UV, and 532 laser wavelengths. WLSC expertise with laser system automation allows us to design, build, and install the correct laser system for your company. WLSC can provide galvo based laser systems, fixed beam laser systems, and flying mirror based laser systems depending on the application.

Our expert system engineering's can combine the lasers with a wide range of integration options such as x-y tables, rotary turn tables, linear assembly lines, robots, articulated arms, vacuum pick and place and more. Laser cutting plastic is critical for many industrial applications from medical to aerospace, to packaging, and automotive. WLSC has experience with design, building, and installation of systems for all these industries examples of which can be found at our web site and in our blogs.

In the packaging industry the cutting lasers are used to create windows and score lines [for ease of opening] and also for trimming the edges of products and trimming the excess material off rolls of packaging.

In the automotive industry, one of the primary uses of laser trimming systems is degating of injection molded parts.

There are many other applications for laser cutting and laser trimming systems to reduce costs, and eliminate scrap and product damage.

Worldwide Laser with manufacturing and engineering offices in Gilbert, AZ has 32+ years' experience with Industrial Laser Automation.


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