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BaronHR And Management Unjustly Named


BaronHR And Management Unjustly Named

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ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "BaronHR and it's Family of Staffing Agencies ("BaronHR") has recently been made subject of a criminal filing brought by the Orange County District Attorney's Office at the urging of American Insurance Group ("AIG") and which falsely alleges illegal business practices against BaronHR in its insurance relationship with AIG.  

BaronHR & Management Unjustly Named!

BaronHR and its management are unjustly named in this action. This case involves an insurance policy in effect in 2013 and into 2014. The company, and the listed individual defendants, had fully cooperated in a formal audit conducted by AIG representatives in 2016 in connection with this same policy. At that time, each and every issue made subject to this "complaint" was fully resolved.  

AIG now claims "damages" for issues which were already made subject of this extensive audit and for which substantial additional amounts and supplemental premiums were already paid.  

The same issues now made subject to this "criminal complaint" were not only resolved within the formal audit, they have been addressed within civil court proceedings.  At no time has BaronHR failed to prevail when the exact same subject matter was brought in civil court.  In fact, AIG has been bound to its coverage obligations at all relevant times by civil courts.

Apparently, in the ultimate showing of bad faith and desperation, AIG has utilized its influence with the "Insurance Fraud" division or the district attorney's office to achieve through criminal proceedings what it could not achieve in its efforts in civil courts.

This attempt at "double dipping" is illegal.  BaronHR has now been compelled to file a civil action against AIG for its bad faith insurance practices.  The company is confident that it will recover not only the amounts which were already paid within the formal audit conducted with AIG but will also recover punitive damages with attorney fees and costs.  

As additional clarification of issues which have been falsely alleged in connection with this matter; the following issues bear note:

1.  There was no "bail" issued in connection with this case.  As a point of fact, no defendants were "arrested" and no bail was required under an agreement with the DA.  

2.  No company assets have been seized and management has not been deprived of the use of any company proceeds.  

3.  BaronHR is continuing all of its business operations in its standard course and has full confidence in receiving full recompense for this unjustified effort at "double dipping" by AIG which is currently being employed through this "criminal process".  

The company issues this statement to any and all interested parties in the interests of clarity and full disclosure. Our business partners, including banks, professional employer organizations and insurance companies are supportive of our approach in dealing with these unsubstantiated allegations.  We are confident that the matter will ultimately resolve in our favor.

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