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Line of CBD Topicals From Number 3 SPINS Skincare/Lotion Brand


Line of CBD Topicals From Number 3 SPINS Skincare/Lotion Brand

Trusted Skincare Brand ShiKai Products Launches Line of Cannabidiol Lotions and Creams

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SANTA ROSA, Calif., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With the number of states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana increasing each year, cannabis related ingredients are booming in the wellness world. Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from cannabis, but ShiKai's creams and lotions are non-psychoactive because they do not contain THC. ShiKai's new line of CBD Topical products use a purified CBD extract that is colorless and odorless, so the creams and lotions do not smell like marijuana.

Products in the hemp or cannabis space often spring from cottage industry or home-based businesses. The concentration and quality of cannabinoids in artisanal products can be inconsistent. We encourage consumers to do their research to confirm where a company gets it's CBD extract. A product formulated in a home kitchen or garage warrants a closer look.

Using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and leveraging ShiKai's nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing quality lotions and creams, ShiKai has created a line of premium CBD Topicals that are available in an unscented cream, an unscented lotion and a mentholated lotion. ShiKai's CBD topicals all contain the same concentration of CBD, which ensures that the entire product line will provide consistent product potency to the consumer.

"When you buy ShiKai, you know for certain the cream or lotion wasn't made in a bathtub," muses company president, Jason Sepp. The CBD ShiKai buys is extracted from the hemp plant using a CO2 extraction process. The final result is a white powder that has no smell or taste, and is quality tested after extraction for total cannabinoid and foreign matter. "In addition," explains Sepp, "we do our own standard quality tests, as well as tests for CBD concentration. This is done to ensure that the CBD content called out on the container is actually present in the product and that there is no THC present."

Prior to formulating and manufacturing its CBD Topicals, ShiKai performed extensive research into the legal implications to the retailer and consumer of handling a hemp-derived product. Founder Dennis Sepp says, "In a nascent product space that's a bit like the wild west, ShiKai is doing CBD right." ShiKai's legal team has created a defensible list of states into which the CBD Topicals can be confidently sold. This list is updated frequently as laws change across the country. Visit for the most recent sellable states list.

Founded in 1970 by two chemists, ShiKai combines natural botanicals and science to create safe hair and body care that really works. It is one of the first and last independent, natural, personal care companies to formulate, manufacture and bring our own products to market from its facility in Santa Rosa, California. ShiKai Products is family owned and operated. For more information regarding ShiKai Products, please visit our website at



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