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CollegeVine Unveils New Online College Applications Platform


CollegeVine Unveils New Online College Applications Platform

Families applying to college can now use CollegeVine's powerful new technology to accurately identify which colleges are best for them, predict and improve their chances of admission, and develop plans to pay for it.

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today CollegeVine, the leading national online  provider of high school guidance, test prep, and college admissions advising, launched its first-of-its-kind online platform that guides families through the college admissions process from start to finish. The new CollegeVine Applications Platform assists families applying to college by bringing data and technology to the main components of the college admissions process. In concert with their highly trained CollegeVine Admissions Consultant, families can use the platform to create a customized list of colleges based on preferences and probabilities, understand the lifetime financial investment of attending each college, and receive guidance to successfully complete their applications. This portfolio of capabilities is an industry first and are well beyond the abilities of traditional college guidance counselors.

School List Generator
The CollegeVine Applications Platform ensures students have a thoroughly customized and highly curated list of schools to target by helping them understand the probabilities of admission at the various schools that fit their aspirations and profile. By comparing a student's academics and extracurricular activities along with demographic data to a massive proprietary data set using sophisticated algorithms, the CollegeVine Chancing Engine can quite accurately predict the likelihood of acceptance to each of the colleges of interest, resulting in a well-balanced list of safety, target and reach schools that they would enjoy attending.

"Traditional counselors have a difficult time predicting an applicant's chances of acceptance at a particular college," explains Zack Perkins, CollegeVine co-founder and Head of Product. "However, our technology allows us to take into account data that others have never been able to quantify—such as extracurricular activities—which allows a student to predict upwards of 80% of a certain admissions committee's acceptance decision, and this is immensely empowering to the family."

Milestone Management
Most students today apply to over 10 colleges, which presents a daunting and stressful organizational challenge with different schools having different requirements due at different times. The CollegeVine Applications Platform generates a custom timeline that, along with their dedicated near-peer CollegeVine Admissions Consultant, enables them to meet all application deadlines in a timely fashion.

CollegeVine Finances
Another dimension of the CollegeVine Applications Platform is the CollegeVine Finances capability. This is the industry's newest and most sophisticated financing capability that helps families evaluate which colleges represent the strongest economic opportunity, providing them with a financial ROI by major and college. The platform predicts what the family will likely receive in federal and private loans and what they will be expected to pay for each college as well as what the student's earning potential upon graduation is likely to be. This allows families to understand their breakeven point for the investment based on the student's college, major and loans.

"This is a real game changer. Behind buying a home, college is the biggest financial commitment families make in their lifetime," said Jon Carson, CollegeVine CEO. "Now, with CollegeVine Finances, families can take on this fiscal challenge with much more information than ever before."

With its new technology platform, CollegeVine is proud to continue its commitment to helping students and families find the path to the best colleges and universities for them. "The college guidance gap in many high schools can cause an enormous amount of stress on students and their families. CollegeVine's skilled mentors help to mitigate this stress by ensuring kids and their families have the timely information and support they need," said Steve Smith, CollegeVine Advisory Board Member and founder of Naviance. "The whole family has their eyes wide open to the entire process – from choosing the best fit colleges, to getting into the student's college of choice, to developing a plan to pay for it."

About CollegeVine
CollegeVine is the leading provider of virtual guidance for high school students that includes high school guidance, test prep tutoring, and college applications advising. The company features a unique network of near-peer advisors from the nation's top universities and has helped over 6000 families navigate the college admissions process. For more information, visit

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