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TransMedia Group to Spread the Word That PrimePlay® From FIRSTFORM® Inc. Is the Safest Turf Choice on which to Play Sports


TransMedia Group to Spread the Word That PrimePlay® From FIRSTFORM® Inc. Is the Safest Turf Choice on which to Play Sports

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TransMedia Group said it was retained by Sports Field Holdings, Inc. (SFHI) SPO to launch PR campaign highlighting how FIRSTFORM'S PrimePlay® Replicated Grass Synthetic Turf is the SAFEST Choice for fields where athletes compete.  

"Our publicity will show that FIRSTFORM's artificial turf not only looks great on TV with its dense grass blades and hidden infill, but provides the feel-under-foot characteristics that top professional athletes expect and that prevents injuries from cleat lock to concussions," said Tom Madden, TransMedia Group's CEO.

"We'll show how PRIMEPLAY® Synthetic Turf is Different and Safer as it contains no crumb rubber infill, has a GMAX of 75 to 90 G's, minimal infill fly-out or movement and its surface temperature is 35° cooler, while providing true ball bounce, ball roll, ball speed. 

"What more can you possibly want in your turf," said Madden.

The sports-oriented PR campaign will run with how FIRSTFORM's TERRASPORT™ Infill System uses material that's 100% ecosafe, contains no SBR crumb rubber, is 100% natural and plays like real grass resulting in perfect balance of vertical deformation, rotational resistance, and energy restitution. 

FIRSTFORM's denser fibers reduce amount of infill needed, creating the look and feel of a natural grass surface.  The turf design minimizes infill fly-out and allows for true ball bounce, roll and speed mimicking the best natural grass fields.

To significantly reduce life threatening concussions, FIRSTFORM's turf uses a shock attenuation pad below the surface of the turf to keep HIC scores (Head Injury Criteria) below 200 for the life of the field, he said. 

Reduced sprains, knee injuries

Our campaign will point out that by reducing cleat lock significantly, this unique turf will reduce sprains and knee injuries typically associated with artificial turf fields.

The lower the Gmax score; the more force absorbed by the field, resulting in less impact to athletes, thereby decreasing chances of injury or concussion.  It's estimated 10-15% of concussions are caused by impact with the surface.

"PrimePlay® turf fields also remain cooler allowing players to play with less concern of dehydration or heat exhaustion."  

Media contact: Danielle Stoecker, 561-750-9800 x2220;

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