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Bennett International Group Announces Official Launch of Ammunition & Explosives Secured Team Division


Bennett International Group Announces Official Launch of Ammunition & Explosives Secured Team Division

Heavy and specialized transportation company moves quickly on their U.S. DOD SDDC ammunition and explosives carrier approval, the first in nearly 20 years.

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McDONOUGH, Ga., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bennett International Group, LLC (Bennett) is proud to announce the official launch of Bennett Heavy & Specialized, LLC's (BHS) new Ammunition and Explosives Secured Team Division. BHS's foray into this market represents their highest level of commitment and dedication to customers' needs.

BHS first received federal approval to become a HAZMAT carrier in June 2012. By February 2018, BHS had become the first carrier in almost 20 years to receive approval from the Department of Defense's Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to transport ammunition and explosives.

"We were the first carrier to undergo evaluation under the newly established and much more stringent standards," said Charles Phillips, President of Bennett International Logistics and Government Services. "Doing so has allowed us to set the standard in the industry, and we are extremely grateful to have received this honor to haul ammunition and explosives in addition to secured military freight. This is an exciting opportunity for us to better meet the needs of our customers moving forward."

BHS prides itself on providing the highest quality of service to its diverse customer base. Jim Utley, Vice President of Government Services with Bennett International Group, affirms that the key to success in this line of business is centered on quality teams and resources.

"The challenges and obstacles presented within this line of business can be difficult to navigate. To achieve success, we ensure our secured teams are highly qualified and equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to properly prepare and execute these high-profile transports," said Utley. In order to do this effectively, Bennett provides their secured team drivers with an additional layer of support they may not be able to find elsewhere. "For AA&E Teams currently in the industry, we have created an alternative home for them to come to that many have been looking for. Bennett's core values reflect many of the AA&E Teams' own values, which sets us apart from our competition. When we say 'we care,' our actions prove it."

From hauling sensitive HAZMAT materials to rocket components, Bennett Heavy & Specialized now transports some of the most critical freight that powers our nation's Department of Defense, as well as commercial entities whose freight require the sensitive handling of highly-trained secure teams. While Bennett has operated somewhat quietly in this market in the past, their capabilities have expanded to serve more customers in this space.

Bennett's Director of Compliance & Business Development, Alicia Echols, works closely with secured teams at Bennett. Echols often personally attends driver orientation with new team drivers in an effort to build stronger relationships and provide the unique support these teams require. "We plan to continue growing and setting the standard for excellence in the ammunition and explosives transportation business," said Echols. "Right now, we're primarily focused on ensuring we have the right team members in place to properly plan and execute these transports as efficiently as possible."

About Bennett Heavy & Specialized

Bennett Heavy and Specialized, LLC, provides safe and secure transportation services for HAZMAT materials and other sensitive and highly secured cargo shipments. BHS serves Aerospace, Government Freight and Commercial Explosives markets offering a variety of transportation modes including van trailers, flatbed and step deck, dromedaries and more. BHS has become an industry leader through their ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of service to its customers. Learn more about Bennett's Heavy & Specialized division and its new AAE team at

About Bennett International Group

McDonough-Ga.-based Bennett International Group, LLC is a woman-owned, Women's Enterprise Business Council (WBENC)-certified, diversified transportation and logistics company. Through its eight affiliated operating companies, Bennett International Group delivers integrated transportation and supply chain management solutions worldwide. For more information, visit

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