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DevFactory Acquires Manuscript from Fog Creek Software


DevFactory Acquires Manuscript from Fog Creek Software

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AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- DevFactory, a leader in AI-enabled software development tools to help software developers eliminate manual processes and optimize efficiency, today announced it has acquired the Manuscript project management solution from Fog Creek Software - maker of Manuscript, Trello, Stack Overflow and Glitch.

Since its launch as FogBugz in 2001, Manuscript has been the de facto standard for software project management and team collaboration.  Since inception by legendary software guru Joel Spolsky, Manuscript has been designed for developers, by developers. "Manuscript has helped teams around the world better manage their software development.  We wanted to ensure that Manuscript continues to evolve and innovate, even as we've focused our efforts on the Glitch community," said Fog Creek CEO Anil Dash. "We love the vision that DevFactory has established to help developers spend even more time on creative tasks.  And most importantly, the Manuscript community will benefit from DevFactory's focus on customer success and increased investment in modernization of the product."

Manuscript is a time-tested and commercially-successful project management and collaboration tool for today's software development and support teams.  The software tool simplifies bureaucratic management overhead tasks needed to track progress to ensure software developers can spend more time on creative code writing.   "We believe in the same vision that Joel always had - that 5-50 person software development teams need to maximize the time spent on creative code writing and minimize the effort in management overhead," said new Manuscript CEO, Andy Tryba. "The tools out there, like JIRA, have sold-out to big company and micro-management - and are full of soul-killing workflows that take valuable time away from creative developers.  Manuscript was designed from the ground up to be the exact opposite, to help developers unleash their creativity and focus on code-writing, instead of bureaucratic process."

Manuscript enables dev teams to leverage insight and focus on their core idea instead of wasting cycles creating or reinventing new structure or processes. "And now as part of the DevFactory suite of products - we can use our AI-tools to help these developers spend even less time on manual, low-level tasks and dedicate more time to the features they want to develop," said Tryba.

About DevFactory
DevFactory, founded in 2008, has successfully leveraged manufacturing principles for software development teams around the world. The company's solution suite of DevSpaces™, CodeRead™ and CodeCleanup™ enables developers to off-load highly-manual, labor intensive, and low-level software development tasks such as code review and clean-up to focus on building great software. For more information, visit

About Manuscript:
Launched by Fog Creek Software in 2001 as FogBugz, and later enhanced with the addition of Kiln, Manuscript pioneered issue tracking and has served nearly 40,000 teams - allowing developers to focus on creativity. Purpose-built and right-sized for software development and support teams of up to 50, Manuscript includes a broad, integrated set of capabilities including task management, time tracking, smart scheduling, email support, crash reporting, document collaboration, code management and more. The solution is easy to implement, intuitive to use and available as a Software as a Service (SaaS), virtual private cloud, or on-premises applications. For more information, visit, or to start a free trial, visit



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