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NTY to Be Used for Payment on Jeju Island, Korea


NTY to Be Used for Payment on Jeju Island, Korea

Nexty Platform has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with InterMarketing on the utilization of NTY coin for payment services on Jeju Island.

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JEJU ISLAND, South Korea, Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Jeju Island, also known as Jeju-do, is the only autonomous province of South Korea and the country's largest island with an area of 1846 square km. This tourist attraction which earns widespread acclaim for its peacefulness and environmental hygiene, is called "the love heaven" on Earth and is widely chosen by a number of couples for honeymoon holiday. However, few know that the South Korea government has a heightened expectation for Jeju Island.

This island is the only out of 9 provinces in South Korea to enjoy autonomy under the so-called "Jeju special self-governing province", which was approved in 2006. Under this law, Jeju provincial government is given high self-determination in almost every field. The island, surprisingly, offers a great deal of incentives for both domestic and foreign investors including tax exemptions in 24 key sectors of education, tourism, information technology and biotechnology.

For these aforementioned reasons and with the aim of making this place a new economic financial center, Nexty Platform decided to become one of the contributors to the development of Jeju.

Nexty Platform is a mainnet-ready blockchain with 1800 tps, zero transfer fee and price stabilization system. In addition, Nexty's cryptocurrency (NTY) is designed to reduce the confirmation time for transactions to just 2 seconds, which is way faster than other cryptos that take anywhere between 4 to 45 minutes.

On August 17, 2018 CTO of Nexty Platform - Mr Thanh Dao has signed the Memorandum of Agreement with Mr Jason Won - CEO of InterMarketing (Integrated Marketing Corporation)/Auditor General of All That Jeju Island on utilising NTY for payment on Jeju Island. InterMarketing possesses the largest hotel chain throughout the province including Olleh and The Best Hotel.

About Nexty Platform
Nexty is a blockchain startup, which has the solution to problems faced by digital currencies currently on the market. It boasts zero transaction fees, which immediately makes it the superior choice for daily use. Furthermore, Nexty transfers can be completed and confirmed within a few seconds. NTY tokens can currently be purchased on IDAX, Coinbene and VNBig cryptocurrency exchange. Nexty has also released initial versions of its mobile wallets for Android and iOS.


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