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GroundUp Recognized as Years Best New Technology by Netroots Nation


GroundUp Recognized as Years Best New Technology by Netroots Nation

Award accelerates momentum for the innovative donation platform that helps individuals impact political tides by donating spare change from every day cashless purchases

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NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- One of the fastest growing political donation platforms in 2018 has been recognized as a top new political tool by the largest conference of progressives in America, Netroots Nation.

GroundUp's innovative digital platform that allows users to safely and securely donate their spare change from everyday cashless purchases was selected as the 2018 Best Startup Technology by thousands of attendee's at Netroots annual conference held in New Orleans.

"This award speaks to the need that led us to develop GroundUp. Everyday Americans wants to make a difference but are hesitant because they lack a confidence that their contributions can actually have an impact," said GroundUp CEO Jeremy Gottlieb. "The growing popularity of this platform proves they can, and every dollar counts."

The Netroots Nation Best Startup Technology award comes on the heels of a new partnership announced by GroundUp last month with progressive startup leader Flippable that was searching for an easy and frictionless way for their users to donate to progressive candidates.

GroundUp's innovative system automatically rounds up the purchases you make every day on coffee, gas, groceries and more to the nearest dollar and then donates that change to Democratic candidates that support the issues important to the user.

GroundUp was developed to give people a safe, secure, and easy way to make a difference in the political process and support the issues they care about.

Users can easily cap their donations at a certain dollar amount and even chose the specific democratic candidates they want their change to support.

By concentrating donations on the most contested races in the country, the collective donating power of millions can provide a boost to candidates in the tightest races in swing states throughout the country.

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About Ground Up

GroundUp's mission is to allow Americans living in all corners of the country to make an equal impact on U.S. elections, not just the wealthiest among us and lobbying groups. By rounding up change from cashless purchases, and using GroundUp to identify swing races where even small contributions can make a big difference, Americans everywhere can elect national leaders to protect they care about.



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