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The GenWell Project - New Name, Same Important Mission of Increasing Face To Face Social Connection


The GenWell Project - New Name, Same Important Mission of Increasing Face To Face Social Connection

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"Connecting with people face to face is one of the fundamentals of health and we should all be doing more of it" - Dr. Kwame McKenzie

Let The GenWell Project be your connection catalyst starting with the next GenWell Weekend this September 14-16

TORONTO, Aug. 21, 2018 /CNW/ - The Generator Project has a new name – now we are The GenWell Project! It's the same great campaign with the same mission - to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face to face social connection and inspiring them to take action. Today we are excited to officially launch our fall campaign, complete with a revamped website and the perfect excuse for you to connect with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

The GenWell Project (CNW Group/The GenWell Project)

"The GenWell Project is about generating wellness – for everyone – and is at the root of what we are all about, so we wanted our name to better reflect our mission instead of the original inspiration behind the campaign," said Pete Bombaci, founder, The GenWell Project.

This September 14, 15 and 16 will mark the fifth GenWell Weekend. During the twice-annual GenWell Weekends, people are encouraged to become generators of great connections and conversations by hosting their own GenWell Projects together with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. A GenWell Weekend gathering can be as simple as having coffee with a neighbor or colleague, a BBQ with family and friends, or as big as sporting activity with the entire street. The size and activity doesn't matter, we just want to be the catalyst to send out that invite that you have been meaning to send out, but just got a little sidetracked.

"People are becoming increasingly more socially isolated and yet research shows that face to face social connection benefits our physical and mental health, reduces anxiety and depression, strengthens your immune system and is one of the largest indicators of happiness in your life," continued Pete Bombaci, founder, The GenWell Project. "We want to be the inspiration and the catalyst to get connected and create healthy and regular connection habits."

The pace of the world around us is faster than it has ever been, with the challenges and distractions people face growing daily. Whether it's 24-hour digital connection, not so social media, on demand television, longer work days, longer commute times, economic pressures, greater time spent working or living in isolation or maybe the challenge of reduced mobility and isolation as part of the aging population. The opportunity to find ourselves spending less time with others is everywhere. The GenWell Project wants to remind people how important that face to face time is for their health, how much fun it is and get them to take action.

"It is really straightforward, connecting with people face to face is one of the fundamentals of health and we should all be doing more of it," said Dr. Kwame McKenzie, PhD, CEO, The Wellesley Institute. "Having something like the GenWell Project, that is a catalyst, that brings people together and gives that 'permission' and says 'twice a year, let us connect' - I think that is going to be good for your health, my health and incredibly important for community health."

The GenWell Project is excited to have President's Choice® back as a valued Platinum Partner for the fall campaign. Their support will help spread The GenWell Project's message from coast to coast through a range of marketing and promotional activities.

Getting involved with The GenWell Project is easy, free, fun and best of all, you and your fellow participants get all of the positive benefits that come with face to face human social connection. To find out more about the global movement, to register your intention to get connected face to face and for your chance to win prizes, visit

Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place one face to face conversation at a time.


  • Go to check out ideas, download invitations and register your event
  • Power down and connect face-to-face for a period of time over the GenWell Weekend, from Friday September 14 at 5pm thru to Sunday September 16 at midnight.
  • Share your amazing stories about getting connected after your event on our GenWell Project Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, but keep it till after the event so you can stay in the moment with friends, family or your neighbours!

For more information, or to connect with us online, please visit

About The GenWell Project.

The GenWell Project (formerly The Generator Project) is a movement that was inspired by the summer Blackout of 2003 on the Eastern seaboard of Canada and the United States. With no ability to connect with people through technology and with most businesses on hold, people connected. Face-to-face.  With their friends, with their family and with their neighbours. The Generator Project is about reminding people about the importance of those connections and inspiring them to take action and create healthy connection habits ongoing. Join the movement, bring your community together, become a Generator.

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