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Josh Harris of Agency Growth Secrets Reveals Why Online Advertising Agencies Are the Best Companies to Start and How Entrepreneurs Can Build One from the Ground Up


Josh Harris of Agency Growth Secrets Reveals Why Online Advertising Agencies Are the Best Companies to Start and How Entrepreneurs Can Build One from the Ground Up

Yesterday, Josh Harris (founder of Agency Growth Secrets) shared why advertising agencies are great companies to start and how someone can easily build one. Harris continued on to reveal how someone can construct their own marketing company without prior experience and very little upfront investment.

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LARGO, Fla., Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, yesterday announced that online marketing agencies are very attractive businesses to start with limited experience and resources. He revealed exactly what someone needs to start an online agency and how new business owners can find clients quickly. Joshua Harris shared, "One of the most attractive business models is starting an online advertising agency. This is because of the amount of people you can quickly work with and help. There are an endless number of businesses that exist in the world. In America, 11,000 businesses are created every hour."

Continuing, the founder of Agency Growth Secrets reviews starting legitimate businesses and upfront expenditures, "Starting a legitimate business has become increasingly feasible. By legitimate, I mean you own the assets and the brand you've created. You're not an affiliate marketer or selling someone else's product. When you start a business there's substantial investment in both time and capital expenditure, before you make a single dollar. These businesses have high front-end capital. After all those expenditures, there's no guarantee they will find customers, bring in revenue, and grow."

Josh Harris added, "When you operate your own marketing agency, that is your specialty. Think of your job as a doctor; the ailment you treat is "no-customer-itis." This is the problem you solve for other businesses. The patient is the business, and this disease kills 100% of the afflicted hosts. The business must risk the investment to beat the disease through growth. The marketing world is ideal because there's little investment up front. You can start your business with nothing more than a little training, a computer, and a cell phone, and soon be competing with the biggest, billion-dollar agencies. There aren't many industries where this is an option."

Sharing his thoughts on making this type of new business work, Agency Growth Secrets founder then revealed, "The market has been leveled by the crossroad of accessibility of technology and client growth. The industry is rapidly changing, and this causes many people to tread water. They have little advantage over someone who is brand new. As long as you have training and current knowledge of disruptive technology, you can shake up a client's base of customers. The ability to get started quickly is a big draw for those considering online marketing. Experience is unnecessary and you have the opportunity to leverage the experience of others while making sales based on relationships. You can develop a relationship with someone and make an agreement that you will work hard to grow their business, but there's also responsibility on their end."

Josh Harris went on the review how to generate customers to quickly produce profit, "People can solve problems in the real world by bringing all their best skills to the table and collaborating. Effectively, this creates your business. You've put yourself in the position, by contracting others, to help people grow their companies. This is one of the few industries where you can gain a customer on the first day. Anyone you know is a potential client and can instantly be a source of revenue. You can also connect with people in your second degree, by reaching out to contacts who know other business owners. As long as you're following good business practices, and taking advantage of mentors, you can have a paying client in the first month. And just one paying client provides profit right from the start. At this point, most businesses have already invested heavily, and are still waiting to turn a profit. That's why marketing is a unique business model."

In conclusion, Harris added, "There's such a wealth of information and a variety of ways you can help companies. And because the industry is constantly changing, there are always new opportunities for fledgling entrepreneurs to impact the market. This creates an inspiring and dynamic landscape for new marketers willing to educate themselves, adapt and work hard. Companies of all sizes, from mom and pop stores to Amazon, need this service. Amazon spends a fortune on consultants to create their marketing materials. You can find a potential client in any business. I would estimate that Amazon marketing consultants make significantly more than those for a local, privately-owned restaurant. Amazon requires a marketer with a much higher level of skill than a small restaurant needs. If you're providing a solution to a challenging problem, difficult to obtain customers, and high return on investment, the fees are more expensive and there's a larger potential profit margin. This creates a game you can participate in, by working to level yourself or your company up to help the billion-dollar businesses."

Harris grew up in Illinois. He is married with 2 young daughters. The Harris family has lived in Florida for the past two years. Josh Harris founded Agency Growth Secrets in 2008. He is a member of the Oracles—a group of highly successful entrepreneurs—and has been featured in both Forbes and Entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their goals and attain them.

About Agency Growth Secrets:
Agency Growth Secrets (AGS) is a cutting-edge digital marketing company. Founded by Joshua Harris, Agency Growth Secrets delivers highly qualified leads to clients by leveraging advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. These advanced methods have allowed Agency Growth Secrets to decrease customer acquisition costs and optimize marketing campaigns for their clients. Agency Growth Secrets is based out of Largo, Florida.


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