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Slovakia Becomes a Winner of the Rostec International Fireworks Festival


Slovakia Becomes a Winner of the Rostec International Fireworks Festival

Greece and the USA are among the three prizewinners

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MOSCOW, August 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The Rostec International Fireworks Festival finished in Moscow. Slovakia became a winner of the festival which is one of the world's greatest events related to fireworks. Second place went to Greece, and the USA took third place. All three teams took part in the festival in Moscow for the first time. 

The Rostec International Fireworks Festival was held for the fourth time already. This year, teams from Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Italy, the UK, Greece, Slovakia and the USA took part in it.

The teams presented programs consisting of two parts: fireworks in the colors of a national flag with national music, which was a participant's presentation; there was also a free program on the theme of goodness and magic.

A world-class jury monitored the technical aspect of the performances. The jury included eminent pyrotechnicians from the USA, Romania, Portugal, Canada and Spain.

"The leading teams of the world, including those from the USA and the UK, took part in the Fireworks Festival. This is the evidence that relationships between nations can develop, whatever the international situation is. We see that professional teams from various countries are greatly interested in the festival. We have never had so many participants from Europe, and the team from the USA came to us for the first time," said CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. "Russia will welcome everyone who would like to take part in this beautiful competition or come as a spectator, with open arms. Neither the political situation nor sanctions influence such events. Due to these events the relationships between various countries become closer, which means promoting peace."

Privatex Pyro team from Slovakia became the winner of the festival, while Nanos Fireworks from Greece and Rozzi Fireworks from the USA took second and third place respectively. The team from Greece also won an audience award.

In two days, about 700,000 spectators attended the event.

Organizers pay special attention to safety of the fireworks for the environment. Russian fireworks used during the festival which have been developed by Rostec's subsidiary, the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry (NIIPH), do not contain chromium, arsenic, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury. These fireworks are less harmful to the environment than traffic fumes.



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