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Dental Connection Announces Board Members And Mission In Connecting All That Is Dental In Iowa


Dental Connection Announces Board Members And Mission In Connecting All That Is Dental In Iowa

With a mission to "Educate and Equip the dental community with innovative resources to compete in today's ever-changing environment", Dental Connection has formally established a board and agenda. Dental Connection is comprised of resource advisors in finance and accounting, dental equipment, products and services, real estate leasing and purchase, legal, marketing, continued education and hiring.

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FORT DODGE, Iowa, Aug. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dental Connection is a comprehensive networking and educational resource for the dental industry in Iowa and surrounding areas. In their network, dental professionals will find financial advisors, equipment, products and services, marketing, legal, continued education with additional opportunities to connect with professionals in the dental industry and dental health.

Formation of Dental Connection as a non-profit 501(a) corporation and election of board members was recently completed as the network group moves forward in developing programs for dental professionals across Iowa.

Elected board members include Cheryl O'Hern, President; Jeremy Masterson, Vice President; and Jason Helkenn, Secretary. Additional advisors for Dental Connection and Bios on the board and advisors can be found at

There is no question that the world that we live in is constantly changing and moving forward. Professionals in the dental industry are not immune to these forces and are seeking out networking and resources to adapt to these changes.

A new dentist will be leaving school with a significant debt load and must navigate the employment options. Corporate dentistry, group practice, single location, employment contracts, buy-in agreements, and practice location are among the decisions they will be making before they even see their first patient.

Current associates face similar challenges as the new graduate but contend with a different set of decisions. Is the current office or location going to provide the best opportunity for success, what marketing tools are there to generate more new patients and how can dentists be sure that the employment and buy-in agreements are fair and reasonable.

Practicing dental clinic owners who are looking for associates, partners, or buy out possibilities struggle to find the right fit in a competitive market. How to attract a great associate or partner and have a successful transition are concerned for these owners.

Keeping up to date with new technology, equipment, dental supplies and software systems is a constant educational component of transitioning dental practices. Providing numerous communication opportunities for easy access to this information will be identified with Dental Connection.

"Our Advisory Board has been working together for the last several months developing Dental Connection into a resource that all dental professionals across the state can rely upon for a wealth of information," states Cheryl O'Hern, President of Dental Connection. "The network is comprised of individuals that are working daily with dental professionals across the state. In the trenches with dentists and their staff provides us with up to date knowledge of issues within practices, continued educational requests along with being there to answer questions and provide support."

Dental Connection information is available at and by calling 515-302-8026. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for periodic newsletters and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Emails can be sent to info(at)

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