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Tinnitus 911 Announces Mission to Raise Awareness to Life Changing Support Opportunities for Orphans as "Do Everything in Love" T-Shirt Campaign Launches


Tinnitus 911 Announces Mission to Raise Awareness to Life Changing Support Opportunities for Orphans as "Do Everything in Love" T-Shirt Campaign Launches

Tinnitus 911 shared their mission to raise awareness to the needs of orphanages worldwide. The announcement came as Tinnitus 911 brought light to a recent t-shirt campaign, "Do Everything in Love", raising money to support Ugandan orphans.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Tinnitus 911 recently announced their commitment to raising awareness for orphaned children around the globe. The PhytAge Laboratories supplement company will soon launch their new website, Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness, to educate people on orphans and orphanages around the globe. The website will highlight opportunities for support. Support opportunities will include ones like the recent "Do Everything in Love" t-shirt campaign, a campaign seeking to aid orphans in Uganda.

A spokesperson from Tinnitus 911 reviewed, "We are incredibly passionate about helping children, especially those who have been so disadvantaged as the forgotten children of orphanages. We are on a mission to not only bring awareness but highlight as many opportunities as possible for people to get involved helping orphans worldwide. Although we are not affiliated with it, the "Do Everything in Love" t-shirt campaign is the exact kind of project we want to make sure people know about."

Project 615 recently published an article titled, "Do Everything in Love | Project R12". The article reviewed a new project being taken on in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville non-profit Project R12 has teamed up with Project 615 to sell special edition shirts that say, "Do Everything in Love." All profits will be donated to build homes for orphans in Uganda. The Tinnitus 911 spokesperson continued, "With each campaign and opportunity to support, we are one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty. By bringing awareness to projects like the Do Everything in Love t-shirt campaign, we give people the opportunity to support children who would otherwise be homeless."

The Nashville organizations have committed to raising $25,000 through their t-shirt campaign. They hope that their efforts to build homes for the orphans in Uganda will allow those children to transpire into the leaders of the next generation.

The spokesperson of Tinnitus 911 concluded, "As Project 615 explained, Uganda has nearly 2.5 million orphans. Given the right opportunities, those children all have the chance to become "change agents" in Africa and voices for the forgotten. That is why it is imperative that we bring as much awareness as possible to opportunities to support making differences in these children's lives. Every little bit helps. You can help a child today by supporting this t-shirt campaign."

Tinnitus 911 is passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves, especially children. Tinnitus 911 was created by PhytAge Labs. The company is nearing the launch of their Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness site. Once launched, the site will serve as a place for people to support and raise continuous awareness for orphans and orphanages worldwide.

About Tinnitus 911 and PhytAge Labs:
Tinnitus 911 was founded by PhytAge Laboratories. PhytAge Laboratories is a supplement manufacturer that was founded in 2015. Centennial, Colorado is where their laboratory is based. The company has gathered scientific minds, with five plus decades of experience, to create professional-grade supplements. Urgent Fungus Destroyer and Tinnitus 911 are both supplements that have been produced by PhytAge Laboratories. The company prides itself on bringing light to the struggles children who have been orphaned face.


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