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New Lesbian Dating App Lesly is Open to Lesbian Fetish and Hook-up


New Lesbian Dating App Lesly is Open to Lesbian Fetish and Hook-up

While most mainstream dating apps focus on traditional dating, a new app called Lesly is open to hook-up and lesbian fetish in the lesbian dating field. Experts around the world claim that Lesly is a major paradigm shift in pink dating.

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Lesly is probably the only lesbian dating app that is open to fetish and hook-up in a very open-minded way. At least only Lesly has admitted that in public," says Jade Seashell, a relationship advisor in Australia, "As far as I know, other lesbian dating apps are more interested in being accepted by the mainstream dating industry instead of working on how to cater for the needs of all users – some of them are not really looking for long-term relationships. That's why I find Lesly quite refreshing."

Indeed, when we see queer societies on university campuses, we understand the importance of promoting LGBTQ community in the mainstream culture. But at the same time, we have noticed that is for traditional dating, whilst Tinder is for hook-up in the mainstream dating world. And there are also lesbian dating apps that were designed for traditional pink dating as well, yet where is the lesbian hook-up app? Well, now Lesly has solved this problem.

"We not only allow our members to look for flings via our app, but also encourage users to try casual relationships first," says Anita H., managing director of Lesly, "I'm not saying looking for long-term relationships is bad. I understand that many people want to find long-term partners so that they can enjoy the stability in life, and I respect that. In fact, a lot of our members have found long-term partners on our app, too. Currently, the only issue in online dating is many daters download a dating app because of desperation instead of inspiration – they are worried about being alone. If someone is not comfortable with being single, it's more likely for them to find the wrong partner and start a long-term relationship which hurts rather than helps."

Lesly was created by a team of lesbian dating experts who have worked in the industry for more than one decade. Therefore, they really know what they are talking about – Yes, being single is totally okay. In fact, it's more than okay because it shows that you have high standards. The ability to enjoy short-term relationships is also important because all of these experiences are here to teach you something valuable, something that you will savour with no regret when you look back on these in the future.

Alice has used Lesly for four weeks and she has something thought-provoking to share. "Actually, a friend of mine introduced Lesly to me. She found her girlfriend on Lesly. But I only want to play the field at the moment. I don't think there is anything wrong with that because it's my life and I want to enjoy it before it's too late. I'm only young once."

Apparently, there are also many users who are interested in lesbian fetish on Lesly. And Lesly has officially announced that this app is only for lesbian and bisexual women who are over 18.




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