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Tip Reports Now Offers Point of Sale Integration to Automate Restaurant Tip Pooling


Tip Reports Now Offers Point of Sale Integration to Automate Restaurant Tip Pooling

Enhanced tip pool software to help restaurant managers organize, track, record and distribute employee tips

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MIAMI, Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- R3ports, Inc, creator of Tip Reports, tip pooling software for restaurants, today announced the launch of their full integration with major Point of Sale (POS) systems. This release connects Tip Reports to leading POS systems to automate the tip pooling process.

Perhaps the most complicated part of a restaurant's payroll is tip pooling, the process to record and distribute gratuities earned by waitstaff to other employees. The majority of tip pools are done via complex spreadsheets which are frequently created by managers with little or no accounting experience, require time consuming manual data entry, and are prone to errors. With Tip Reports' new flexible algorithm, there are no equations to create and what used to take managers hours each day to process, is now done in minutes.

"Most restaurants are moving away from the mom and pop mentality and more towards a corporate strategy for long term growth," says Chad Love, founder of R3ports, Inc. "Our software was designed to help small locations become more efficient and large operations scale at a faster pace." 

Restaurants that rely on spreadsheets to manage their tip pool also face challenges of how to disclose information to their staff. Tip Reports' iPhone and Androids apps were designed to give the staff full transparency of how tips are distributed while the new POS integration automates the calculations, significantly reducing the risk of errors and time to process.

"As we expand the Naked Taco brand, it's important for our managers become better at day to day activities…frankly they were spending way too much time on payroll. Tip Reports helped us to streamline the entire payroll process," said Ralph Pagano, famed celebrity chef and owner of Naked Taco. "The team at Tip Reports is like part of the family and we've worked closely with them on launching their new system and are excited to see the software as it keeps developing."

Whether a restaurant has one location or is an expanding franchise with many locations, Tip Reports customizable tip pooling software will fill the technology gap left out by most POS systems. Replacing spreadsheets and manual data entry with automation and a powerful cloud database will help fuel growth and mitigate risk associated with payroll errors and disgruntled staff.

"Tip Reports was created from the desperate need to help restaurant owners and managers move away from spreadsheets and paper files," added Love. "Restaurant tip pools vary so widely from location to location we had to rethink how the entire process worked using feedback from clients and our own experiences. Our new algorithm is aimed to perfect the tip pooling process and position us to change the restaurant industry for the better."

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Focusing on efficiency and transparency, R3ports, Inc has a suite of software modules built for the web, Apple and Android devices, designed specifically for restaurant managers and owners. Technology innovators within the food and beverage industry currently helping thousands of users maintain accurate records, improve communication and transparency while reducing costs and increasing employee productivity.

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