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First of Its Kind Nutritional Supplement Featured on NewsWatch; News Organization Recognizes Myetin® for Brand New Combination of D-Biotin & NAD+


Covington, LA, August 16, 2018 --( Myetin® is the first product of its kind to combine the powerful nutritional benefits of high dose D-Biotin with the energy boost found in NAD+. This unique combination and early results were the focus of a featured story on powerful consumer website & award-winning TV show NewsWatch.

The NewsWatch story takes an in-depth look at how the body processes nutrients and how the unique combination of D-Biotin and NAD+ create synergy when taken together.

The human body has shown an incredible ability to heal itself when faced with injury and illness. However, when the body is deficient in key nutrients it becomes that much harder for healing to take place.

That's where Myetin® comes in. Myetin® provides 125mg of D-Biotin as well as 25mg of NAD+ in each dose and is recommended to be taken twice daily.

High-Dose D-Biotin is a naturally occurring form of Biotin that assists numerous functions of the body. When administered in high doses over time, it acts as a nutrient that supports the production of the myelin sheath. That's the layer around nerves that allows for easy transmission of electrical impulses provided that there is enough cellular energy.

NAD+ enhances energy and fatty acid production that help the cells in the body optimally function.

Currently, Myetin® is the only product of its kind on the market which combines both active ingredients in these doses without a prescription.

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Myetin® was created by Avior Nutritionals, a company with a strong background in health & nutrition and a belief that the body can heal itself when given the right nutritional support. Avior products are designed with the support of forward-thinking doctors to provide nutrition where the body needs it most – at the cellular level. All Avior Nutritionals products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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