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PeepSprout Offers Kick-Ass Cure for Facebook Addiction


PeepSprout Offers Kick-Ass Cure for Facebook Addiction

New social network PeepSprout is offering Facebook users a source of passive income. PeepSprout is launching a new online community that pays its members to add new friends, powered by one of the best affiliate programs online.

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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- PeepSprout is a new online community that pays its members to add friends. It offers a cash rewards program that is sure to catch the attention of people who are bored with, irritated by, or addicted to Facebook. In typical online community fashion, PeepSprout allows members to interact with other members via messaging, forums, photos, videos, walls, and blogs. It offers many of the features Facebook offers, presented in an almost over-simplified user interface. But unlike Facebook, PeepSprout gives its members an opportunity to earn extra cash.

PeepSprout is designed around the concept of adding or "sprouting" new members. This strategy drives growth of the membership base in a unique, organic way. When existing members encourage their friends and blog followers to join, the site grows exponentially and members get paid generous cash rewards. "We're launching with a kick-ass concept that offers extra cash to ordinary people, affiliate marketers, and bloggers who are willing to earn it," says PeepSprout representative Aubrey Williams. In a bold and unprecedented move, the site is launching publicly with zero members. The first members to join won't have many other members to talk to, but their earning potential could be even better.

While the site offers similar modes of interaction, it admittedly doesn't come close to Facebook's advanced infrastructure and design. Some have referred to the very early days of Facebook in regards to PeepSprout's current look and feel, so it's likely the site will evolve to new heights in the coming years, just as Facebook's interface started simple and evolved over time.

PeepSprout uses an "almost free" model that charges a $5 monthly membership fee. But considering the potential for users to generate a passive income, many see PeepSprout's membership fee as a worthwhile investment. The company also explained that the small monthly fee will fund the few contractors they have on staff and spare the site's members from irritating ads.

A February 2018 article reported that users spend roughly 950 million hours on Facebook each day. Taking into account their roughly 2.1 billion monthly users and 1.4 billion daily users, the average user spends 27 minutes per day on Facebook, or 41 minutes per day if you go by daily users alone. This indicates the masses are still addicted, but more and more people are seeking Facebook alternatives for various reasons. PeepSprout is sliding in to offer its new social network and one of the best affiliate programs as a cure for the millions of people addicted to Facebook.

About PeepSprout:

PeepSprout is a San Diego California based online social network that pays its members to add friends. For more information, visit or contact info(at)


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