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Quest Magazine is Giving Away Cryptocoins to Its Readers in the September Issue


Quest Magazine is Giving Away Cryptocoins to Its Readers in the September Issue

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AMSTERDAM, August 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Quest will be the very first magazine in the world to give away cryptocoins. Every buyer of the September issue will receive 100 free Qryptonites, a newly launched cryptocurrency.

Never before has it happened that a magazine gives away cryptocoins. Quest readers can easily collect their coins online. The magazine's campaign is an experiment that is aimed at not only informing readers about the world of cryptocurrencies, but also actively involving them and offering 'added value'.

Sanne Groot Koerkamp, chief editor of Quest: 'Thanks to this new cryptocoin, our readers are right on top of the latest developments. And by giving away free coins with the entire edition, we also enable them to experiment with these, which is of course great fun. And incredibly exciting, as the crypto market does not yet have many rules at present.'


Qryptonite ( is a new cryptocoin, comparable with Bitcoin. Qryptonite was independently developed by a Dutch team and aims to become a worldwide available loyalty system. Quest is media partner of the cryptocoin and closely followed its development in earlier issues.

Remco Vlierman, CTO, founder and developer of Qryptonite: 'It seemed a great idea to us to connect the old 'printing world' to the new world of the cryptocurrency in this way. In addition, this is also just a fun experiment. Is it possible to market your own coin and make it worth some money? That's what we are going to find out.'

The value

The free Qryptonites are available for all subscribers and for everyone who buys the September issue of Quest in the store. The exact value of the new coin will depend on the market and become apparent in the time to come. The developers aim for a value of six cents per Qryptonite. In that case, the 100 cryptocoins Quest readers will receive would be worth six euros, which is more than the purchase price of the magazine. But the value may also turn out higher, if the coin is successful, or lower.


Currently, readers are free to trade in Qryptonites among themselves to convert their possession into cash. New possibilities are in full development. The intention is that in the future, products can be bought with the coin as well, ranging from magazines to maybe even cars.

The Qryptonites are distributed through the September issue of Quest. Each copy of Quest contains a unique code, which readers can exchange for 100 Qryponites.


Quest helps you get cleverer in a fun way. Every day, the biggest braintainment brand in the Netherlands proves that gaining relevant knowledge is still both immensely popular and fun. Quest is everywhere at any time, relevant and successful at virtually every existing platform. With more than 43 issues on the store shelves this year, for a target group ranging from 8 to 94 years of age, male, female, both highly and less educated, well-to-do as well as middle class, Quest is one of the broadest media brands in the Netherlands. On average, an edition of Quest reaches 1 million readers, which is 23% of all Dutch people aged thirteen and over.

The September issue will be in stores from Thursday 16 August 2018.

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