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Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon: The Korean Dream Calls on All Koreans to Lead the Reunification Process and Realize Their Unfulfilled Destiny


Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon: The Korean Dream Calls on All Koreans to Lead the Reunification Process and Realize Their Unfulfilled Destiny

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SEATTLE, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- August 15 is Gwangbokjeol (광복절) or National Liberation Day of Korea.  On this occasion, UCI issued the following statement regarding Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon's vision for the Korean Peninsula and reflections of the unfulfilled aspirations from 1945:

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is the author of the award-winning book "Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea" and leads a grassroots movement to reunify Korea. August 15 is a reminder of the unfulfilled dream of the Korean people. In 1945, with the end of World War II, the Korean people emerged from the nightmare of colonial rule with a burning desire for an independent and united homeland unique to their history and heritage. This was their heartfelt dream, but tragically it has yet to be realized. Dr. Moon is calling on all Koreans to take responsibility for their own destiny and come together in common cause toward a shared future that realizes the aspiration of a unified Korea that benefits all its citizens and the entire world.

"It is a moral imperative that we work, in whatever capacity we are able, to realize unification that embodies the aspirations of the 1919 independence movement and the hope of 1945, thus bringing closure to a division lingering from the last century," said Dr. Moon.

For over four generations, Dr. Moon's family has been actively involved in Korean independence and unification efforts. He asks that the ideals and aspirations of the champions of independence not be forgotten. Dr. Moon believes reunification is the only viable solution to address a host of economic, political, social and human rights issues facing both North and South Korea and in turn, positively impact global security and development.

Korean Dream empowers the Korean people to rediscover their 5,000-year-old heritage and destiny and lead the reunification effort. Koreans in the South, the North and the diaspora must recognize and embrace their shared history, heritage and culture that informs a common aspiration to build a nation rooted in the ancient ethos of Hongik Ingan, or "living for the benefit of all humanity."

"A common bond has to be forged out of something more fundamental than the political and ideological quarrels that marked the Korean division of the past sixty-five years," said Dr. Moon. "There has to be a Third Way that can rise above the conflicting systems of right and left by identifying the fundamental aspirations, principles, and valued rooted in our common past and that should define our future."

The dreams of the Korean people were thwarted by colonialism and the ideological divide during the Cold War. Today, the Korean people have an opportunity to write the next chapter of their history. Dr. Moon sees the fulfillment of the Korean Dream as a historic milestone that can symbolize an end to the many legacies that plagued the twentieth century.

Dr. Moon's hope is that the story of the Korean people can become an inspiration to people everywhere.

In a recent East Africa / Great Lakes Region Global Peace Leadership Conference held August 1-2, 2018 in Kampala, Uganda, Dr. Moon drew parallels between his homeland and the stories of many African nations that were present at the conference. As he seeks to build a Korean-led movement in his homeland, he called upon the local African people to lead in building models of peace and prosperity drawing on the wisdom, heritage and traditional values of the African village and extended family.  He asked that Africa stand in solidarity with the cause of the Korean people.

About Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is a spiritual leader, peace advocate, and social entrepreneur. Born in Korea to a family active for Korean independence and unification over four generations, his background gives him a unique perspective on Korea's future and its global significance for peace and development. Currently he is the Chairman of UCI, a District of Columbia non-profit corporation governed by a self-perpetuating, independent board. He is also the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), established in 2009 and currently active in over 20 countries. Dr. Moon also founded the Family Peace Association (FPA). FPA engages individuals, families and organizations in building God-centered families as the foundation of a peaceful world. Dr. Moon also leads Action for Korea United, a grassroots organization with a fresh approach to building awareness of the importance of unification, particularly among the youth. In various capacities, he works across lines of identity including culture, ethnicity, nationality and religion to foster the moral, innovative leadership necessary to resolve the most pressing issues in our world today. Dr. Moon is a recognized and knowledgeable thought leader on Korean reunification and author of the award-winning book, "Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea." To learn more about Dr. Preston Moon's background, work, and current initiatives, visit


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