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11 Capital Finance Crosses One Million Real Estate Investors Mark


11 Capital Finance Crosses One Million Real Estate Investors Mark

A little finance company from Lansdale, Pennsylvania is disrupting the entire $500 billion dollar a year CRE lending industry

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PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 11 Capital Finance, led by 31 year old Megan Krache and her handpicked band of innovators, has crossed a significant benchmark as the preferred national commercial real estate lending partner with groups totaling over 1.3 million real estate investors.  When Krache was asked how no one really knows about her company, she responded with a sly grin, "Our secret sauce is that we are truly wholesale, meaning we let the brands be the brands.  We have huge marketing partners and strategic relationships throughout CRE from listings platforms, REIA, CRE brokerages, non-CRE lending companies, leads companies, and more.  11 Capital is like the wiring behind your walls and or plumbing; we are not a retail business model or the fancy Kohler faucet you see.  That being said, you can't turn on a light or have running water without wires and plumbing.  Do you know who the wire company is in your house?"   

11 Capital Finance is a new breed of hybrid companies, offering a full-service customer service driven business model in a Fintech world.  We have over 100+ loan portals, 10,000 loan variations, 200+ loan agents, a loan school with second to none tools for students that are learning the craft, earning while learning, and ground-breaking technology from pricing engines to mobile applications.  "When the market looked to Fintech as the recession started to wind down and lending started to come back, as a millennial of course I /we embraced the concept of better efficiency through technology, but we actually went in the opposite direction at the same time.  Technology companies don't understand CRE lending is all Picasso and even the smallest loans are still large transactions, being $100,000 or more.  These are the largest transactions of an investors life, so our industry will never be completely automated.  Sure, through tech we can quote faster, order title and appraisals faster, and close loans faster, but when the speed bump comes, as it always does, our customer support team steps in to quarterback deals to close. We are full-service handling all of the nuances in closing a transaction for our clients and lenders. Think of it this way, every person could put on their own roof, be their own accountant or lawyer, do their own plumbing, and some of us do some of these things, but rarely all.  Why? Because you use trained professionals which saves both time and a lot of hard earned money avoiding landmines," says Krache.  

So what can we expect from 11 Capital Finance as 2018 is half over?  "Complete disruption in the commercial real estate lending industry.  Think the Google or Amazon of commercial lending."  Those are mighty bold words.  "Well keep an eye on the news in the coming months.  The biggest player in history to enter the CRE lending brokerage space is coming, having already closed over 30 million residential loans.  Add the most superior technology, largest customer service sales force in the space, most lending options, best pricing, and fastest time to close, and that is called a revolutionary new platform where all parties win from the borrowers to the lenders. This is a good thing for everyone in CRE lending as we foster relationships and partnerships over competition so all are welcome to join the new commercial real estate loan highway." 

For more information go to or email Trena Gustaveson at or call 877-957-4357. 

11 Capital Finance, LLC provides financing nationwide representing over 110+ specialty lenders offering literally thousands of commercial real estate loan programs and loan variations with billions of dollars to immediately deploy.  We specialize in non-bank type loans $100k or greater. 11 Capital is a full service brokerage coordinating and packaging loan files, placement as well as title insurance, property insurance, realtor, lawyers and more. We act as your

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