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Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Fights for World Wide Social Acceptance


Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Fights for World Wide Social Acceptance

As part of that fight, is the battle of curving bullying and the general social misunderstanding of the disease. A disease that affects approximately 10,000,000 Americans alone!

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ST. LOUIS, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Join Forces to Provide Social Acceptance Lifestyle Public Ambassadors Tour
Non-Profit to Advocate Against Negative Social Influences Through a Focus on Social Acceptance by Using Interactive Program

The Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation has announced its plans to adopt and join smart programming producer, VrTuo Interactive in providing social advocacy through a next generation interactive 'Public Services Ambassadors' program, not a simple messaging PSA announcement program.

The "PSA" is being applied in a Social Acceptance Lifestyle Choices Tour and is to benefit to schools, non-profit partner causes and after school programs through interactive programming using celebrity Ambassadors as human influences to school age households.

The PSA program is meant to provide social acceptance awareness to help curve bullying and suicide prevention to school age households. The Fighting Ninjas along with other contributing organizations are supporting helping their causes, schools and after school programs advocate nationally with an additional financial resource to identify with vital financial assistance.

The organization is not only gaining the ability to expand their message, the power is in the process supporting engagement of the student age households. The proactive sharing of knowledge is to an enlightenment of any unhealthy occurrence especially one that affects approximately ten millions of Americans. This becomes part of the social acceptance message into itself for the founder, Ms. Amy Rivera.

The program is designed to be a groundbreaking public health and preventive awareness program. The program was designed to as part of its healthy messaging to help erase the need in the use of candy, cookie and other sugary foods use in school and after school fundraising efforts. In part, the focus of the programs' intent is to ease the use of unhealthy sugary foods and other unnatural resources which may contribute to public safety concerns when consumed.

The alternative e-commerce-based program as an added-advantage and is about introducing an eco-friendly fundraising support program in purposely helping to eliminate tons of candy wrapper waist. If not, the candy wrappers are making it to our landfills.

The national PSA social acceptance tour and mainstream pay-per-view is all part of a proactive socially empowering solution. The use of human influencers in creative capabilities using today's latest technologies to address negative lifestyle habits.

The program serves as a positive social acceptance lifestyle tour across America leading to the National Day of Awareness. That's the main event we all plan in the celebration of Life.

The Public Service Ambassadors include U.S. and international performing Artists.

To learn more about joining the fight for social acceptance and making healthy lifestyle choices, visit the Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation:


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