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Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Announces Section Launched Focusing on the Germicidal UV-C & Meat Processing


Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Announces Section Launched Focusing on the Germicidal UV-C & Meat Processing

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (AUV) is pleased to announce the launch of an application specific page on for the Meat Processing and Packaging Industry and the use of UV-C for Sterlization.

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (AUV) is pleased to announce the launch of an application specific page on for the Meat Processing and Packaging Industry.

This page is the second installment of a series of new application-specific pages on that provide information about the use of ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) for sterilization and disinfection in specific applications. The meat industry page gives an easy to comprehend overview of the UV-C usage in air, surface, and water processing to provide longer product shelf-life, safer meats, and reductions of overall facility operating costs. In addition to the overview page, a series of new sub-posts will be released that give more detailed information. The new Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® application-specific page for the meat processing and packaging industry is found at UV-C in Meat Processing Facilities. The sub-posts can be found at UV-C APPLICATIONS in the Blog Post Topics sidebar.

Ann Wysocki, COO of Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation says, "Visitors to our website want to find information about their particular application easily. To give you a specific example, if someone manages a bacon slicing and packaging facility they don't want to waste their time reading about how UV-C works for a Dr.'s office. They want to know how UV-C helps to ensure process rooms are treated to reduce bacteria growth. With this new series of web pages and posts, we will provide information that directly relates to visitor's needs."

Individuals who are researching ultraviolet technology for disinfection, and those ready to make a purchase, desire the ability to find topic-specific information quickly. Each page features an eye-catching layout and simple navigation between pages and posts. The information is well arranged and includes quotes and material from industry leaders providing the reader with confidence. It is simple to navigate from the meat processing specific page to AUV's retail site. offers quick and safe checkout to those who find themselves ready to purchase.

All application-specific pages will be accessible from the Germicidal UV-C Applications page and reachable by their respective direct links as they go live.

The application specific page for meat processing facilities is broken down into nine major categories in order to provide industry personnel the information they are seeking at a quick glance. For additional information, the site visitor can follow a link found within the page to relevant posts containing more explicit detail about the categories.

The nine major categories include:

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Safety Plan:
– A section discussing the importance of having a safety plan in place and following the set of guidelines provided by the FDA. There are links taking the visitor to the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Studies Show Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Rays Mitigate Microorganisms:
– This section illustrates an easy-to-comprehend diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum, with links to learn more about germicidal ultraviolet and ultraviolet rays. It also shows what microorganisms are deactivated by germicidal ultraviolet light.

Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Increases Profits:
– Another section which talks about the direct correlation between the installation of ultraviolet systems and increased profits.

Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C for Air & Surface Disinfection and Water & Liquid Purification: – This section is divided into two subsections that discuss the benefits of adding air & surface disinfection equipment, as well as water & liquid purification systems, to your facility. It discusses how these products help to keep your processing plant sanitary.

Use a Combination of UV-C Systems to Maximize Sanitization Benefits:
– The following section discusses the maximum benefit of combining SaniLIGHT® and Sani·Ray® air and surface fixtures with SANITRON® and MEGATRON® Water Purification Systems.

Use SaniLIGHT®, Sani·Ray®, SANITRON®, and MEGATRON® for Air, Surface, & Water Disinfection in:
– This part provides a quick, illustrated overview of each meat processing step that could use UV-C Disinfection Systems.

Without UV-C Technology for Air & Surface, and Water & Liquid Disinfection:
– This section discusses the negative outcomes of not having UV-C technology built into one's meat processing plant.

Powerful UV-C Protection against Mold and Slime are Provided by the SaniLIGHT:
– This area introduces Atlantic Ultraviolet's SaniLIGHT® Germicidal Irradiator for air and surfaces which use STER-L-RAY® germicidal ultraviolet lamps to disinfect in meat processing facilities.

Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Introduction to Meat Processing Facilities:
– This final section gives closure regarding the risks in one's meat processing facility, directing the reader to utilize UV-C for a healthy and safe working environment.

Post topics provide more detailed information on the page's categories and include:

  • UV-C Keeps Meat Processing Facilities Sanitary
  • UV-C Treats Bacteria on Meat Acquired During Slicing, Wrapping, and Curing
  • UV-C Sanitizes Wash, Rinse, CIP, and Effluent Water Meeting Discharge Regulations
  • UV-C Meat Treatment is USDA HACCP Compliant
  • UV-C Effectiveness Against Meat Contamination Hazards
  • Standard and Optional Features Make SaniLIGHT® & SaniRay® Ideal for Meat Processing Plant HACCP Controls
  • Standard and Optional Features Make SANITRON® & MEGATRON® Ideal for Water Disinfection in Meat Processing Plant HACCP Controls

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