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Mad Dad, Fun Dad Reminds Readers that a Little Faith Can Make a Difference


Mad Dad, Fun Dad Reminds Readers that a Little Faith Can Make a Difference

Douglas Draper's latest book tells a harrowing story of how believers can find hope to move forward with the power of prayer amidst obstacles.

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LOS ANGELES, and BATON ROGUE, La., August 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Douglas Draper has created a book that resonates through generations as it chronicles the life of a boy from his imagination; the pain, suffering, and triumph it depicts are the opposite of fictional.

In Mad Dad, Fun Dad, the author tells the story of Ben Baker, a young boy growing up in a violence-ridden environment. When he isn't at home being beaten and insulted by his father, Ben endures the same treatment from bullies at school.

With all these odds against him, he faces the temptation to retaliate against his enemies, but he learns of a wiser, yet much more difficult path: one that involves living a life of faith and prayer. Ben's ultimate struggle is not to become the man his father was.

The story of Ben Baker teaches readers that while one does not control the circumstances he or she experiences, one does have control over their reactions to them. It also depicts the power of prayer and faith, which eclipses any physical or psychological harm that a person's problems can inflict on them.

Through this book, Douglas Draper recounts his life story, one to which countless victims can relate. Despite the circumstances of his past, Douglas was able to break the cycle of violence through faith, prayer, and encouraging words from compassionate people around him. This allowed him to move forward in life, not as a victim of physical and verbal abuse but as a survivor eventually leading different Fortune 500 companies.

Mad Dad, Fun Dad also reminds readers that even in the darkest of times, you can turn to the power of prayer to lead you to hope that things will get better. As Douglas said in his book, "If you embrace that focus on faith and not honorable actions that could be performed by Christians and non-believers alike, you'll discover that the clear message of the Bible is all you need to find the way into the kingdom of heaven."

  • Title: Mad Dad, Fun Dad
  • Author: Douglas G. Draper
  • Genre: Fiction/Biographical
  • ISBN: PB- 9781595541987
  • Pages: 244
  • Publisher: Elm Hill, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.



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