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Electronic Claims Services Launches 3 New Web Apps for 25th Anniversary


Electronic Claims Services Launches 3 New Web Apps for 25th Anniversary

Turnkey Solutions Aim to Level the Online Playing Field for Insurance Companies

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PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Electronic Claims Services celebrates its 25th anniversary with the launch of 3 new web apps that aim to bring small to mid-size auto insurers the digital convenience customers and shops have come to expect from service-oriented businesses. Designed as turnkey solutions that integrate with existing platforms, these tools offer insurance companies ways to streamline claims processes for customers and CSRs alike without the need for costly IT department development time. 

3 New Tools for Auto Insurers

Photo Claims: With no download required, this new web app allows policyholders to upload photos of vehicle damage for review directly from their phones in an easy to follow, step-by-step interface.

Video Verify: Designed for insurance claims representatives who can't make it to the repair shop to review damages (increasingly the norm), this web app allows insurers to stream live video directly from a collision shop partner's tablet or mobile device. Capture and annotate snapshots from live video streams, record and save videos, and communicate with shops through audio and chat all in one place.

Locator Tool: This web app integrates with an insurer's network of approved repair shops to help policyholders find the nearest in-network repair options by incorporating Google Maps geolocation services. Online services like this eliminate customer service calls while giving the policyholder the fast, online service many have come to expect.

25 Years of Delivering Online Convenience

Founded during the 90s tech boom by former auto insurance professionals, ECS boasts a long history of streamlining processes for insurance companies with digital solutions. The company is most known for operating ClaimsOffice.Com, a multi-capable platform for connecting insurance companies with shops, appraisers, and service providers, boasting integrations that include NHTSA, NADA, and IAA. The company has also created and operated an online Glass Program for handling the more frequent, lower cost auto glass claims that can be time consuming for auto insurers to process in-house.

"We don't think mid-size and regional insurance companies should have to reinvent the wheel just to compete with the IT departments of national companies," founder Brett Mulvihill says. "Customers expect this technology, and we can provide it faster and at a lower cost to insurance companies compared to in-house development."

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Electronic Claims Services, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a leading provider of web services and custom solutions for the auto insurance industry. As founders and operators of ClaimsOffice.Com, the company has long partnered with regional and midsize insurance companies to streamline processes and reduce pain points by connecting with shops, appraisers, and other service providers. As multi-service providers, ECS also offers a Glass Program and multiple web apps including Photo Claims, Video Verify, and the Shop Locator Tool. In addition to readymade web apps, ECS also creates custom tools individualized to company needs. Visit to learn more.

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