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Kansas Overseas to Conduct an Event to Shed Light on Updates to New Training List 2018


Kansas Overseas to Conduct an Event to Shed Light on Updates to New Training List 2018

The Quebec Ministry of immigration has released the new Training list; it also specifies points awarded to specified degrees or diploma. Applicants having those degrees have a higher chance of getting selected, as they will help meet Quebec labor market requirements and build a strong economy.

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HYDERABAD, Telangana, Aug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The new training list, released by the Quebec Ministry of immigration helps in evaluating the ability of foreign citizens as to whether they will be able to contribute to Quebec's growth and prosperity by settling in Quebec.

The recent updates to Quebec's Areas of Training list provide a new edge to foreign degrees in early childhood education, actuarial science and information management among others.

The list of Areas of training also offers, details about the number of points awarded to specified foreign and Quebec secondary-level vocational, college and university degrees under Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), this is one of the most popular pathway for Canada immigration in the province.

The old system was solely based on the actions of the prospective visa seeker; it had no correlation between their education, skills and prospects of getting employed in Canada. The new system is better and definitely needs to be appreciated. Immigrants who receive invitation to apply for immigration will definitely have an edge over others to gainfully employ in their desired field. One of the 10 factors, considered for the QSWP points grid, worth up to 12 points is an Area of Training.

Numerous key changes to Quebec's immigration since August 2nd, 2018

The new system makes Quebec, the only Canadian province, in the whole of the nation, at the moment to specifically award points for candidates having US work experience.

The new EOI system replaces the first come, first served approach which Quebec previously used for managing applications to the QSWP. To put in other words, rather than opening periodically for a set number of applications, Quebec would now require candidates who wish to be considered through the QSWP to submit an EOI profile to its MIDI (immigration Ministry).

The above profiles will be placed in the pool and MIDI will select all eligible candidates for Canada immigration who not only meet labor market needs but also who are most likely to integrate successfully into the province's economy and society as well, among varied other possible considerations.

Potential candidates in EOI bank will be classed in two groups-first one are those candidates who either live in Quebec and meet criteria specified or have a job offer in the province and the other group consist of candidates living outside Quebec.

The potential candidates in both groups will be ranked depending on their scores under a number of factors, they include age, education, proficiency in French or English or US work experience. Quebec lists Area of Training as one of the major ranking factors for candidates applying from outside the province.

All those candidates who reach the above stage will be required to meet the cutoff score for employability and obtain a minimum passing score of 50( if accompanied by a spouse or common-law partner, the score needed is 59) under the QSWP points grid in order to consider the applicant for selection.

Area of training factors into both calculations and it can be instrumental in receiving a CSQ

There have been changes in section A and number of foreign degrees under section B also has grown. Once the potential candidates for Quebec immigration have been invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate, Area of Training points are also considered.

The above news will definitely bring cheer to all visa seekers, who aim to apply for Quebec PR and their degrees are listed in the new training list. Kansas Overseas Careers will be glad to assist you to migrate to your dream destination and also provide best offers, if your degree is listed in the new training list and you dream to Migrate to Canada. To reach us, dial 040-40307077 or write to For a person-oriented consultation, visit the nearest branch in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag.


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