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Comprehensive Car Insurance - Top Influential Factors


Comprehensive Car Insurance - Top Influential Factors

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- has released a new blog that explains the top influential factors for comprehensive car insurance. 

Unlike other policies, comprehensive coverage does not deal with claims related to collisions. Instead, this policy covers events beyond the policyholder's controls. This includes extreme weather phenomena, falling debris, earthquakes, and other similar scenarios. Clients should get quotes from and compare prices.

When it comes down to determining the premiums for this type of coverage, these are the most influential factors:

  • The area where the policyholder lives. The state and even the neighborhood where the policyholder lives will dictate the insurance costs. Since comprehensive covers events related to weather, the insurer will analyze the risks of extreme phenomena. For example, those living in areas frequently hit by hurricanes will pay a whole lot more for this policy. Furthermore, the company will analyze the current fauna (comprehensive policy covers animal attacks), the number of car thefts and if there are social tensions in the area.
  • The client's driving habits. The insurance will ask, for example, where he drives the car in order to go to work.  It may not seem important. But let's say that the policyholder uses a forest road to go to work. The risk of being hit by animals is significantly higher than using a road passing through an urban area. So, the premiums will be adjusted. Also, the place where the car is parked overnight is important.
  • Deductibles. Assuming more financial responsibility will lower the overall costs for this policy. Just make sure to select a deductible which can be paid immediately.

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