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Texas Realtor Clair Cannon Utilizes Realsuite℠ to Track Online Leads


Texas Realtor Clair Cannon Utilizes Realsuite℠ to Track Online Leads

Dallas Realtor Clair Cannon, of Vivo Realty, becomes beta tester of Realsuite℠, which helps keep track of communication history with leads.

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DALLAS, Aug. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Realtor Clair Cannon, of Vivo Realty, recently became beta tester of Realsuite℠, and ever since her conversion rates shot up to 62 percent. Realsuite℠ repays the favor by keeping track of her communication history with the lead. Additionally, Realsuite℠ is now following her usage and using her experience/success with it to help train others. RealSuite did a blog post about Cannon and invited her to be a speaker at Results Summit, the same convention where she became a beta tester.

"With just a quick glance at the timeline in the lead's record, I can see the conversations they've had and properties they've inquired about," said Cannon, who also appeared on a Realsuite℠ Facebook webinar discussing the product.

The Realsuite℠ platform is designed to help real estate professionals efficiently respond to leads, connect with customers, and manage multiple transactions. It delivers fast, personalized responses to potential clients' inquiries, and helps agents stay on top of every prospect that comes their way.

"The communication timeline is invaluable. When you do a lot of volume, it's hard to remember all of the inquiry details and conversations," concluded Cannon. "Now that these texts and email conversations are all in one place, I don't have to search anymore."

About Clair Cannon, Vivo Realty
Clair Cannon is the Plano Sales Director of Vivo Realty. She is a self-professed "Numbers Girl" and loves the intrigue of helping her clients with the financial moving parts of their transaction. For more information, please call 214-830-9078, or visit

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