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iJoou Technology Launches The World's First Smart Moxibustion Device


iJoou Technology Launches The World's First Smart Moxibustion Device

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SHENZHEN, China, Aug 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- iJoou Technology Inc., the Shenzhen based company, plans to launch the world's first smart Moxibustion instrument, iJoou, on crowdfunding platform

Moxibustion is a form of acupuncture that has been used by therapists and doctors for thousands of years. Moxibustion in Asia, including Japan, Korea and China, has become huge market and with consumption of billions of dollars every year.

Moxibustion improves the flow of Qi, which is the energy in the body, by the heating moxa that causes stimulation in the nerves and releasing endorphins to block pain. 

NBA Star Draymond Green utilizes Moxibustion to heal his body and return into his prime body state. Celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr. and Sandra Bullock are all fans of acupuncture.

Traditional herb and natural therapy are gaining popularity in the U.S. The number of people in the U.S. receiving treatments like acupuncture grew three times recently. Some scientific studies have proven that acupuncture can help pain relief for back or neck pain, osteoarthritis, or chronic headache.

iJoou is designed to provide pain relief, stress relief, and improved blood flow by using Electric Muscle Stimulators to activate your muscles. Place the heating pod on the sore areas of your body and use the app to select the perfect temperature. 

Each device comes with a long-lasting battery that allows you to use iJoou at home or on the go, giving you the freedom to live life on your terms. 

"iJoou makes traditional Chinese medicine more convenient and easier to use for consumers all over the world. Our goal is to make consumers of iJoou enjoy the healthy experience anytime and anywhere," says Sadie Zhang, iJoou Co-founder.

iJoou announced it has completed the design of its product, a smart moxibustion instrument. Founded in 2017, the company plans to raise $500,000 on crowdfunding site in a campaign aimed at early gadget adopters and will last one month from this August.

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