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Simplipur Launches Revolutionary Lean 2.0


Simplipur Launches Revolutionary Lean 2.0

Chronobiology Helps Shred the Fat and Build the Lean

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LAVERNE, Calif., Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Simplipur announced today the launch of its revolutionary, all-natural weight loss supplement Lean 2.0 ( The Brand Kickoff will be formally announced at the Healthy Brand Showcase, August 9th, at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

Lean 2.0 is based on a breakthrough understanding of chronobiology, the science of times and rhythms, and how they work in the human body. In the morning, the human body burns fat as energy. At night, it builds lean body tissue and collagen. Only Simplipur Lean 2.0 A.M. Proprietary Blend burns fat as fuel for an energetic day. The P.M. blend supports lean muscle and tissue building while we sleep. The combination of both formulas works in harmony with these cycles and produces results far more meaningful than just numbers on a scale.

"We are extremely excited to launch what many are calling the most effective natural weight loss supplement ever created. Simplipur's Lean 2.0 has arrived to turn the weight loss industry upside down," Simplipur President Margie Adelman said. "Lean 2.0 is a natural, safe and effective weight-loss supplement that not only claims to accomplish what no other has to date – it has the data to prove it.  The Lean 2.0 AM formula is supported by three independent studies, participants of double-blind studies not only lost weight and inches, but found improvement in other vital health areas like reduced inflammation, improved glycemic index, lowered oxidative stress, and increase in antioxidant activity."

What is Simplipur Lean 2.0 ?

Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM is a patented weight loss system formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus. Sweet orange, blood orange and grapefruit extracts are blended to create a synergy of bioactive polyphenols (micronutrients) targeting bodyweight management benefits.

The activity of these proprietary extracts is enhanced with natural caffeine from guarana. Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM helps stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids and release of free fatty acids and glycerol, which metabolizes stored energy during fasting or exercise). Also, polyphenols present in Simplipur Lean 2.0 have been reported to help stimulate the expression of fatty acid oxidation genes which in turn induce metabolic use of free fatty acids to produce additional energy.

Clinical Studies

Finally, Results You Can Trust!

A placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted on 20 subjects to determine the weight-loss benefits of Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM . After three months, the Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM group lost an average of 12.35 pounds (5.6 kg) and 22% of body fat compared to the placebo group.

The second clinical study was performed with 95 overweight subjects over three months who consumed a normal diet and limited physical activity to 30 minutes per week. Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM helped to enhance body composition:

  • Proven fat loss: Abdominal fat significantly decreased by 9.73% in the Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM group
  • Waist and hip measurements each reduced by an average of 1.97 inches (5 cm)

The third clinical study, conducted on 77 overweight and obese subjects, confirms the benefits of Simplipur 2.0 AM over four months:

  • The Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM group showed an average decrease of 63% in excess body fat mass
  • Resting energy expenditure for subjects in the Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM group increased by 180kcal/day
  • Free fatty acid release in the plasma showed significantly higher levels in the Simplipur Lean 2.0AM group

Lean 2.0 begins its nationwide promotion campaign this month with television testimonials and online testimonials from actual participants. To celebrate the launch, Simplipur is offering a limited-time 25% discounted price to first-time customers at


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