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Lorex Introduces 4K Zoom Cameras with 4x Optical Motorized Lens


Lorex Introduces 4K Zoom Cameras with 4x Optical Motorized Lens

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Lorex introduces a series of innovative cameras equipped with 4K Ultra HD resolution, motorized optical zooms and Color Night Vision™

MARKHAM, ON, Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Lorex Technology, a global leader in home and small business video surveillance solutions, introduces new and innovative Motorized Zoom Lens Security Cameras (otherwise known as Varifocal Security Cameras) that are equipped with state-of-the-art lenses that are capable of easy FOV (field of view) adjustments. These cameras can zoom in on a narrow FOV to focus on specific object or area in its view, like a doorway or cash register, or zoom out to a wide FOV for maximum coverage, or anywhere in between.

The majority of security cameras in the market today are limited to a static Field of View. These security cameras have what is called a fixed or prime lens. This type of lens has a limited focal range, which means the field of view is always the same. Security cameras with a varifocal lens from Lorex, on the other hand, can zoom in and out, allowing users to customize the field of view for their purposes.

To achieve a customizable field of view, Lorex varifocal cameras use a powerful optical zoom lens. This type of lens is capable of moving within the camera, altering the distance between itself and the image sensor. As a result, the further the lens moves from the sensor, the more magnified the field of view will become. Optical zooms do not degrade the quality of the video unlike a digital zoom, which basically just creates an "artificial" close-up by cropping up and magnifying (or blowing up) a portion of the image.

Unlike zoom lens security cameras of the past, which would make users break out the ladder to adjust the zoom and focus on the actual camera, the new Lorex varifocal security cameras are fully motorized. This allows for customers to make FOV adjustments right from a connected smartphone or from the security recorder. The camera will also automatically focus, so images are always sharp and crisp, regardless of focal length.

Lorex offers a wide range of zoom lens security cameras, in both bullet and dome varieties. The latest varifocal offerings are equipped with 4K Ultra HD resolution recording, a 4x optical zoom lens, and Color Night Vision. Zoom lenses can also be found in advanced PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security cameras, which can be programmed to use their 12x optical zoom capabilities as part of a set "tour" or "pattern." A new "Zoom and Focus" feature for varifocal PTZ cameras is also coming soon. This feature means that the camera will not only detect motion but will also automatically zoom in and focus on it.

"Lorex security cameras with motorized varifocal lenses can add a new level of versatility to your property's surveillance system," said Sufi Sulaiman, Vice President of Digital and Commerce of Lorex Technology. "With the most innovative features, such as the highest resolutions, the most advanced zoom lens technology, and Color Night Vision, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your home or business is monitored by the best tools in the industry."

About Lorex Technology

Established in 1993 in Markham, Ontario, Lorex Technology is the authority in the home and small business video surveillance solutions. For over 25 years, the company has provided top-of-the-line video technology products to its customers in North America and around the world. Today, Lorex prides itself as a leader in do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional-grade home and business security solutions and continues to develop sophisticated and user-friendly technologies aimed at helping customers protect their loved ones and property.

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