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Right of Reply Audited Financial Results 30/6/18 Filed With SEC


Right of Reply Audited Financial Results 30/6/18 Filed With SEC

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LONDON, August 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Right of Reply ("RoR" or "the Company"), the fast-growing technology company with its blockchain-powered reputation management platform, today announces that it has filed its audited financial results for the period ended 30 June 2018 with the Security and Exchange Commission ("SEC") in preparation for its future stock market listing.

Financial Highlights:

The latest figures show strong financial results compared to the previous six months (the period ended December 31, 2017):

  • In the first six months of operations, revenue went from nil to US$1,758,125.
  • Shareholder equity increased from a negative (US$108,874) to US$3,214,233.
  • While the company still registered a loss of US$690,952 for the period, the positive cash flow due to financial activity as at 30 June 2018 was US$519,994
  • The full financials can be found on the investor page of the Company's website:

Tom Brooks, CEO, said, "Right of Reply was founded as an ethical company dedicated to providing individuals with an easy way to exercise their right of reply, whether to counter biased reporting in the press, trolling on social media or incomplete or inaccurate credit reports. We believe in the importance of truth in maintaining a free and fair press so have developed our unique set of management tools for online and real world reputations. These strong results auger well for the Company's future."

Preserving online reputation is a growing concern for individuals, companies and authorities, as access to the internet and the widespread use of social media becomes intrinsic to people across the globe. Initiatives to prevent reputation damage and tackle its consequences have never been more necessary.

The right of reply is a legitimate right granted by law, yet exercising this right is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Even when exercised, the reply tends to come too late to have sufficient impact on balancing out the damaging content. It is important that every individual is in a position to reply to any kind of online content in an easy, timely and cost-effective manner proportionate to the wrong or misleading content - and Right of Reply is dedicated to providing the tools to accomplish this.

About Right of Reply 

Right of Reply is a Social Impact technology company which provides easy to use reputation management tools to ensure anyone's ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or incomplete reporting by putting the other side of the case with identical placing and prominence as the original article or internet post, with RoR products and services for regulated media,, with ROCC products and services for Credit Check and Credit Score and with RORKEY products and services for Digital Identity, Social Media and KYC.

These reputation management tools have been created to deal with personal attacks online on social media and blogs, newspaper coverage and credit reports.

Right of reply is a member of:

The Impact Investment Network,,

Work for Good, 

Social Enterprise UK

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