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WebpageFX Starts Next Chapter of Agency With Rebrand


WebpageFX Starts Next Chapter of Agency With Rebrand

New name reflects WebpageFX's growth into the top performance-driven digital marketing agency

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HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- WebpageFX, a full-service Internet marketing company headquartered in Central Pennsylvania, announced it's rebranding from WebpageFX to WebFX. The new name demonstrates the company's growth, as well as evolution into the world's top performance-driven digital marketing agency for mid-sized businesses.

"When we started WebpageFX in 1996, websites were literally one page. We also focused heavily on web design and web development at the time. That made WebpageFX a fitting name for the company," said Bill Craig, President and co-founder of WebFX.

The company, which began in Craig's dorm room at Shippensburg University, started as a passion project and a way to earn a few extra dollars during the semester. That passion led to a big investment later, when Craig and Karie Shearer, CEO and co-founder of WebFX, invested everything into WebpageFX.

"At the time, we dreamed of when we would have five team members. Now, we have more than 200. With how we've grown in the past twenty years, from our number of team members to our variety of services, our transition from WebpageFX to WebFX makes sense and reflects our focus on driving meaningful results for businesses using digital marketing," said Craig.

Now headquartered on Front St. in Harrisburg, Pa., WebFX features a growing team of 200 digital marketing, social media, and web design experts that partner with over 800 companies from across the globe. The passion brought by the WebFX team is why the company's received more than four dozen awards for its work.

"WebFX signals a new chapter for WebpageFX, but it keeps the qualities that made WebpageFX unique, like our commitment to becoming one percent better every day in all we do, from providing our clients with personalized solutions that deliver real results to giving our team a work environment that's more than just a place to work," said Shearer.

It also continues the WebpageFX commitment to giving back to communities around the world. In 2014, the company started its #FXBuilds program, which aims to improve the lives of 5,000 people and to donate more than $400,000 to building and community improvements by 2024. The company funds the program through team accomplishments.

"We're passionate about living our company values, and one of those is to accept responsibility, work with integrity and give back to others. With #FXBuilds, we can help people from across the globe, such as by creating wells in Kenya and schools in Guatemala. It's an exciting initiative that we're looking forward to continuing as WebFX," said Shearer.

Another initiative that WebpageFX is excited to continue as WebFX is its unprecedented winning streak for the Best Places to Work in PA. The initiative highlights the best small, midsized and large companies to work for in Pennsylvania. In 2017, WebFX made history when it won the award for the third year in a row — it previously won in 2015 and 2016.

"It's something we're extremely proud of, as we're committed to creating a workplace that gives our team members the opportunity to grow and embrace their passion for digital marketing. Their passion is something our clients notice too, which has set WebpageFX apart from other agencies for years," said Craig.

In the digital marketing sector, WebFX maintains a high client satisfaction and retention rate. Their client retention rate exceeds 90 percent, while their client recommendation score is 488 percent higher than the industry average. As a result, WebFX expects to become the leading performance-driven digital marketing agency for mid-sized businesses.

"As a performance-driven agency, we differ from a lot of other digital marketing companies. Our focus is on those real, tangible results that our clients can see in their day-to-day. That may mean more store foot traffic, more online product orders or even more subscribers to a company's blog. It's those results that drive a company's growth," said Craig.

Over it's more than twenty-year history as WebpageFX, the company's generated more than three million leads for its clients. That's provided many of these businesses the opportunity to permanently expand their teams, as well as grow their services or service area. It's a positive trend that the company plans to continue as WebFX.

"We're excited for our future as WebFX. A lot of time and planning went into it, but the reception by our clients, as well as the friends and family of our team, has made it well worth the effort. Their response also makes the rebranding even more exhilarating for our team," said Craig.

The rebranding of WebpageFX to WebFX is effective immediately.

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