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Pakama Athletics Breaks Goal to Surpass $50,000 in Presales for a Lightweight, Versatile PAKAMA Sports Bag that Turns Any Location into a Personal Gym


Pakama Athletics Breaks Goal to Surpass $50,000 in Presales for a Lightweight, Versatile PAKAMA Sports Bag that Turns Any Location into a Personal Gym

Less than two weeks remain to purchase the sports-enhanced backpack, which includes 10 pieces of training equipment supplemented by a training app, enabling anyone to easily build working out into their daily routine and complete personalized workouts anywhere at any time

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DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Crowdfunders have pushed-up presales of the new PAKAMA Sports Bag to surpass the $50,000-mark on Kickstarter, taking the new "gym in a backpack" developed by PAKAMA Athletics past its campaign goal with less than two weeks left during crowdfunding.

"We developed the PAKAMA Sports Bag to help active consumers more easily integrate workouts into their daily lives, and we're excited with the response we've received from our backers on Kickstarter," said. PAKAMA Athletics Co-Founder Patrick Kessel.

The PAKAMA Sports Bag, developed to help people with a busy everyday life couple that with an active and fit lifestyle, includes a 10-piece set of lightweight training equipment is designed for more than 500 exercises to train strength, endurance, mobility and stability.

Kessel says the PAKAMA Sports Bag is unique because it allows users to work out independently – regardless of time or location.

"Since finding the proper gym can be a hassle for people who either don't have the time or may shy away from unfamiliar equipment, we wanted to help everyone achieve their fitness goals by providing simple, effective tools that make integrating fitness into daily life an easy part of any person's routine," he said.

The PAKAMA Sports Bag was thoughtfully designed to be a timeless, functional and comfortable so that consumers can use it during work or leisure time and with a minimalistic design that ensures packability – offering users space for other necessities for their daily routines including a notebook, laptop or camera.

The PAKAMA Sports Bag is accompanied by its smart app, so that users receive personalized workout plans according to their goals.

In every Pakama Sports Bag includes:

  •     3 PAKAMA resistance bands
  •     3 PAKAMA mini bands
  •     2 PAKAMA foot straps and 2 PAKAMA handles
  •     2 PAKAMA slides
  •     1 PAKAMA bar
  •     1 PAKAMA jumping rope
  •     1 PAKAMA sling
  •     1 PAKAMA door anchor
  •     1 PAKAMA ball
  •     1 PAKAMA mat

"We searched high and low for the right equipment," Kessel added. "The PAKAMA Sports Bag makes it simple for busy people to get in a good work-out any time they can fit it into their schedule, wherever they may be."

For information and to pre-order the Pakama Sports Bag at early bird discount prices, visit Pakama Athletics' Kickstarter campaign page.

PAKAMA Athletics was born out of a love and passion for sports and fitness. With every PAKAMA Sports Bag you purchase, PAKAMA Athletics will donate 3.5 EUR including VAT to WEMAKEWAVES, a nonprofit association that supports kids becoming active, happy and healthy adults, after overcoming challenging life obstacles.



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