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World Zhitian Real Estate rolls out ecosystem focused on financial-industrial integration


World Zhitian Real Estate rolls out ecosystem focused on financial-industrial integration

The firm creates World Financial Platform

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HONGKONG, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- World Zhitian Real Estate Co., Ltd. is scheduled to go public (stock code: HK.20269) in Hong Kong on August 8, 2018. Concurrently, the company will hold a press conference in Beijing.

World Zhitian Real Estate, during the course of its development, became knowledgeable about the typical financial difficulties faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China, and, in order to provide a solution to this issue, has undertaken efforts to integrate the real economy with the financial sector, creating what the firm has termed the "financial-industrial integration ecosystem".

In China, capital needed by SMEs to operate a business and to produce goods often come from the owners' own pockets supplemented by bank loans. However, due to the stringent requirements imposed by the bank and other guarantors for a loan, as well as the low value assigned to assets that the SME offers as collateral, getting a loan is not something easy. Companies find themselves in the position of lacking the needed capital to effectively and efficiently run their operations and grow their businesses.

To address this issue, four years ago, World Zhitian Real Estate created the World Financial Platform, with the goal of, as the firm termed it, "serving the financial sector with the platform". The platform matches its member companies with appropriate financial equity, via financial and industrial integration, which, by definition, means that the industrial and financial sectors work towards a solution that includes a mix of equity participation, shareholding, stake controlling and personnel participation, to reach a development goal that assures a mutually beneficial result for all parties concerned.

World Financial Platform founder Deng Zhitian made it clear that the financial-industrial integration is a lot more than simply combining industrial and financial capital under one company to generate economic benefits. Through effective financial-industrial integration, capital from purely financial sources can efficiently increase the capital available to industry, generating true benefits for industry. In return, capital growth as a result of industry can drive the appreciation of financial capital. Both sets of capitals create a virtual "spiral". In a healthy financial-industrial interaction, industry-generated and financial capital become mutually beneficial. Financial capital should serve the real economy, providing capital for its development. It becomes incumbent on the real economy to offer value-added opportunities and returns to financial capital. Industry-generated capital from a stronger real economy can consistently increase the amount of funds available to financial capital, improving the ability of financial capital to support development of the real economy.

World Zhitian Real Estate held the first World Financial Congress in the auditorium of Chengdu Jinniu Hotel on March 11 of this year. Nearly 1,000 attendees, including business leaders from around China, representatives from the financial community, leading influencers and thought leaders as well as journalists and investors. At the initial World Financial Congress, renowned medical doctor Jia Sanyuan donated his Great Men's Style collection.

Renowned medical doctor Jia Sanyuan donates his Great Men's Style collection to the World Financial Congress

World Financial Platform founder Deng Zhitian said that with the mission of serving the worlds of commerce, industry and finance as well as the peoples of the world, the platform has created a new paradigm in the global financial industry, devoting itself to realizing the Chinese dream of developing a prosperous and strong country.

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