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Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, Reveals Why Veterans Are Excellent Entrepreneurs and Acknowledges Military Times Rebootcamp Entrepreneur of the Year


Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, Reveals Why Veterans Are Excellent Entrepreneurs and Acknowledges Military Times Rebootcamp Entrepreneur of the Year

Agency Growth Secrets' founder, Josh Harris, acknowledged the accomplishments of Maj. Steve Gagner and revealed why U.S. military veterans become outstanding entrepreneurs. Gagner was newly named Military Times' first Rebootcamp Entrepreneur of the Year.

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LARGO, Fla., Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Joshua Harris, founder of Agency Growth Secrets, recently acknowledged the accomplishments of Maj. Steve Gagner and revealed why U.S. military veterans make outstanding entrepreneurs. Military Times recently named Maj. Steve Gagner their first-ever Rebootcamp Entrepreneur of the Year. Harris commented, "What is really outstanding about Gagner is he recognized the skills he gained in his day job and is now diligently applying them to his own business. I think it's remarkably cool to see someone who is not only working full-time but working full-time in the military, translate their "day job" skills into a venture of their own. He is a noteworthy example of how entrepreneurs seem to start—they take their current skills and they build on them in a new entrepreneurial venture. A lot of people don't realize that the skills they are learning in their current job are actually applicable in running a business. It is really inspiring to see what Gagner has done."

The Military Times Rebootcamp recently published an article titled, "Here's Why This Soldier is the First-Ever Military Times Entrepreneur of the Year". It was reported that on July 11, 2018 (Washington D.C.), Maj. Steve Gagner was awarded the first-ever Military Times Rebootcamp Entrepreneur of the Year award. Gagner serves as the Executive Director of the Army Mountain Warfare School. His entrepreneurial accomplishments come from a brewing company, 14th Star Brewing Co., that he co-founded with a fellow Vermont National Guardsman. Recognizing the importance and impact of his military roots, Gagner uses his business to support veteran causes. During an interview with Military Times, Gagner shared that his military experience set him on the path to be a successful entrepreneur. When asked, "What's the difference between military experience and an MBA?" Gagner replied, "Semantics."

During their time of service, veterans learn and develop skills that translate into essential tools for growth and success in the world of business. While Gagner is the first of his kind to be recognized for his entrepreneurial accomplishments by the Military Times, Josh Harris recognizes he will not be the last, "I hope to see a wave of veterans get into entrepreneurship. I want to see veterans take their skills, discipline, drive, and ambitions and multiply those into thriving businesses that make great impacts in their communities. Having those businesses support veteran causes on the side is truly inspiring and impactful. Seeing veterans create business that lend such support inspires me to find a way to have my business help these same types of individuals. How can I help more veterans grow businesses?"

Agency Growth Secrets' founder added, "In running a business, it is important to remember that you do not have to solely rely on your personal strengths. You can bring different people into the business to help you round out your weaknesses. If you do have a core strength, many times you can build your business around your strengths. One of those core strengths is definitely time efficiency. Gagner's time efficiency is extremely noteworthy. He didn't just sit around binge watching Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. He didn't spend all of his time out drinking with his buddies. Instead he decided, "You know what, I'm going to actually build something that people want and can enjoy.""

Harris continued, "An added benefit to Gagner's business is its success in supporting veteran causes. Veteran causes are greatly under supported in this country. We know this is true based on the limited support currently available to the people that defend our freedoms. I believe there is nothing more important than supporting our veterans. We are allowed this amazing economic climate and this amazing country because we have a military that defends it. Every day there are people out there that want to take that freedom away from us. Seeing someone protect our freedoms against those people is remarkably inspiring."

With the vast amounts of people who want to do business with and support veterans, the next wave of veteran entrepreneurs are on their way to making great strides in business. Harris concluded, "I think there are a lot of people out there that want to do business with and support veterans. There's something unique about the trust of working with a veteran over someone else. A veteran has proven that they can pass the test and training. Veterans are mentally tough and understand time management. They understand discipline and they follow through. There are so many traits that people in the military develop over time. I recognize that many of the traits and skill sets they gain in service are invaluable in the business world."

Military Times is a publishing outlet for active duty U.S. military subject matter. Rebootcamp is a Military Times website, dedicated to providing entertainment and information for veterans, service men and women transitioning out of the military, and for military families. Military Times and Rebootcamp are both published by Sightline Media Group.

Joshua Harris is the founder of Agency Growth Secrets (AGS). AGS is a digital marketing agency that uses data-driven processes to deliver qualified buyers to their clients. Harris is a member of The Oracles—an elite group of successful entrepreneurs. He has been featured in both Forbes and Entrepreneur. Josh Harris is married with two young girls. In his downtime, he enjoys finishing with his family. He is from Elmhurst, Illinois and currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

About Agency Growth Secrets:
Agency Growth Secrets was founded in 2008 by Joshua Harris. The company is an advanced digital marketing firm. They use a highly optimized, data-driven process to delivery qualified customers. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, the technology AGS leverages allows them to hone in on individuals who are about to purchase. Their targeted method is able to decrease customer acquisition costs while optimizing marketing campaigns.


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