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Jason Boreyko: FRESHNESS CARD Keeps Edibles Fresher Longer


Jason Boreyko: FRESHNESS CARD Keeps Edibles Fresher Longer

Jason Boreyko is excited for people to try the FRESHNESS CARD by AEGEA which enables consumers to keep their food and flowers fresher longer. Find out more about this unparalleled quantum technology.

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AEGEA -- a cutting-edge company that combines technology and science with Eastern medicine spanning 3,000 years -- is proud to introduce a new award-winning technology called the FRESHNESS CARD. The technology is designed to keep products fresher longer, according to Jason Boreyko, the head of global expansion for Aegea.

The FRESHNESS CARD is a quantum technology that keeps everything from flowers to food fresher longer. It is unlike any system or process used to enhance the freshness of stored foods. It works by combining proprietary energy programming, patented technology, and quantum physics to increase the life of edibles such as breads, meats, and produce. It is especially recognized for its ability to inhibit bacteria, mold, and fungi growth, which spoils food and speeds decay on countertops and in pantries and refrigerators.

The FRESHNESS CARD is one of the latest examples of AEGEA's push to help people to live longer, healthier lives. The company has already produced several other life-enhancing technologies for consumers, such as the EMF Shield and ENERGENTICS RELIEF. The EMF Shield helps consumers to reduce the effect that the electromagnetic field emitted by modern-day conveniences has on them and their families. Meanwhile, ENERGENTICS RELIEF is an unprecedented quantum bit delivery system that improves people's circulation and cardiovascular health, energy levels, moods, and mental acuity, in addition to providing relief from severe discomfort. To learn more about this powerful new technology please visit:

Jason Boreyko, the developer of a legendary marketing system, took the helm of global expansion at Aegea earlier this summer. Prior to joining Aegea, he developed a strong track record of success in the marketing field. He joined the ranks of the top five revenue producers at age 26 of a $200 million dollar a year company. He also co-founded and led one of the most quickly growing network companies in history. He led the company to over a billion dollar in sales in just seven years. For more information about Jason Boreyko be sure to visit:



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