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Announcing "AddPaymentsNow for Fundraising Software" - High-Value, Low-Risk Payment Facilitation for Fundraising Software Companies


Announcing "AddPaymentsNow for Fundraising Software" - High-Value, Low-Risk Payment Facilitation for Fundraising Software Companies

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WINDHAM, Maine, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- AddPaymentsNow, a Maine based payments consultant, has launched a payment facilitation placement program that takes the mystery out of helping donors and recipients accept and pay with credit cards, respectively. Payment Facilitation, or PayFac for short, is a streamlined way for fundraising software companies to assist the transfer of funds, securely, between their donors and recipients.

The new AddPaymentsNow For Fundraising Software program stands out due to its custom, "easy set-up" implementation method. The new AddPaymentsNow program eliminates the need for fundraising site owners to take on credit card processing losses caused by refunds, unhappy donors, or credit card disputes. It also allows site owners to facilitate the almost instant ability for users to design, launch, and accept credit cards for their users.

According to Alex Roy, of AddPaymentsNow, their new "AddPaymentsNow For Fundraising Software" program "allows fundraising site developers to focus on what they do best, and not worry about their clients' banking relationships. In addition to assisting their donors and recipients, the software owners will share in a piece of each donation without having to put up any money for registration or compliance."

"With the ability to accept credit cards directly through their existing systems, at a lower risk, and higher value than traditional merchant accounts or payment solutions, this offer should appeal to new fundraising software companies especially," added Alex.

The set-up procedure is unique in the software world. Online marketplace companies are walked through a series of needs based questions upon contacting AddPaymentsNow. Only after all needs, and wants, are assessed, is a payment solution recommended. AddPaymentsNow provides the free consultations, payment facilitation provider placements, set up assistance and ongoing support at no direct cost to the fundraising software company.

Although payment facilitation has been around for many years, simplified, low-risk payment facilitation for donation facilitators is a pretty new option for most. The ability to quickly set up "sub-recipient accounts" under one system is a recent innovation. Until recently, it was unheard of for fundraising software to facilitate payments without taking on all liabilities, customer service, and payment implementation duties. Additionally, this new AddPaymentsNow program preserves a software company owner's ability to take on more aspects of the process and increase profits as they grow year after year without disrupting existing campaigns.

"It is essential that new fundraising and crowdfunding sites set up payment facilitation at launch. Without easy ways to facilitate the transfer of funds between donors and recipients, the fundraising software model doesn't exist," according to Alex Roy.

With the announcement of AddPaymentsNow For Fundraising Software, crowdfunding and traditional charity facilitation sites can allow their beneficiaries to set up sub-accounts quickly and accept card payments instantly without significant risks or upfront costs.

The service enables fundraising software companies the option to take on additional responsibilities over time to increase their profitability. Alex Roy and his team refer to this as "designed flexibility" when explaining their service to software owners. Donation site owners can pick and choose the roles they would like to keep in-house, and those they want to have provided for them by the Payment Facilitation provider.

The major players in the software industry have long realized that the full potential of most donation software is only realized when site owners share in transaction fees. Non-profit software companies can pass on this revenue to recipients or use the added cash flow to enhance their products. For-profit companies often find that sharing in each transaction has a huge impact on their bottom lines.

AddPaymentsNow For Fundraising Software allows developers to enable an "accept credit card donations now" feature in a way that reduces risk for the software owner and maximizes the user experience. AddPaymentsNow For Fundraising Software provides complete reporting for donors and recipients, delivered through the software companies existing interface. It facilitates all deposits into recipient accounts and provides donation related customer service.

According to AddPaymentsNow, their service provides simple API's and fast set-up times. This new service is available to US-based donation software companies only.

AddPaymentsNow is a composed of experienced payment professionals and consultants that pair software developers with payment facilitator providers based on needs and feature requests.

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