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KICTeam Cleaning Program Makes Huge Impact on Financial Institutions


KICTeam Cleaning Program Makes Huge Impact on Financial Institutions

Pilot results show a massive reduction in check scanner errors

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AUBURN, Maine, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The KICTeam cleaning program had an incredible effect on branch operations, data processing, and service needs according to a study with a top 3 U.S. bank. The program, which implemented bi-weekly cleanings, decreased check scanner errors by nearly half, allowing tellers to focus their time on their bigger priority of customer engagement.

The dirt and fibers, that accumulate with regular use, caused several issues such as piggybacks, image quality problems, and jamming. In the branches, where the checks are initially processed, tellers saw those issues drop by 46% when using the cleaning cards. That reduction translates to 170 million fewer corrections, and a return of 1.4 million hours of teller time to focus on their customers every year.

The impact expanded beyond the branches leading data processing error corrections to drop by 5.9 million. These types of errors tend to be more complicated to correct because of the need for research, therefore the savings in labor costs from avoiding them are significant for a financial institution.

Another area where KICTeam was able to see improvements was in the servicing of the scanners. Like any technical equipment, dirt effects the performance of a device. The regular cleanings dropped service calls by a third, another substantial savings for the branches.

"The impact of faulty scanners is felt on many levels in an organization, but very few people realize those issues can be prevented with a simple cleaning," said Jimmy Timmins, Director of Sales at KICTeam. "We have developed cleaning cards specifically for Panini, Canon, Digital Check, Epson and RDM scanners so our customers get results that exceed anything else available."

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