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EZCare Clinic Now Offers ADD or ADHD Treatment. Diagnostic Exam for New Patients and Prescription Refills Available Today.


San Francisco, CA, August 06, 2018 --( EZCare Medical Clinic can now treat patients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There is no need to wait for a prescription to help manage symptoms because EZCare Clinic can now provide immediate and convenient treatment.

EZCare Medical Clinic provides ADD and ADHD treatment to individuals who are experiencing life-altering symptoms and are having trouble managing symptoms. If a diagnosis has already been provided, the first visit at EZCare Clinic is only $175 upon receipt of proper medical records.

ADD and ADHD conditions do not have to be in control. With the right type of medication and/or counseling, patients can learn to manage their ADD or ADHD symptoms under the right conditions.

EzCare Medical Clinic doctors understand how difficult it is to live with ADD or ADHD. That is why the doctors at EZCare Clinic take the time to fully understand each of our patient's condition and the symptoms they are experiencing, so the proper care can be provided quickly and conveniently. Whether it is with stimulant or stimulant-free prescriptions or a combination of medications and counseling, their doctors work to take proper steps in the health care they provide at EZCare Clinic.

Unfortunately, ADD and ADHD can cause a person to feel anxious, unorganized, and obsessive, which can create fear of being in public and trigger a person to stay home. Fortunately, EZCare Clinic provides immediate health care to patients with ADD or ADHD. Counseling and other forms of therapy are available today, and our new options for care give our doctors a tremendous advantage for treatment. Although some health conditions may be treated through our new online program, ADD and ADHD treatment can only be provided in person.

It is important for patients not to delay treatment for ADD or ADHD as more severe symptoms can lead to impulsive behavior, mood swings, restlessness, and even depression. Treatment at EZCare Clinic is professional, quick, and provides patients with security in their privacy. EzCare Medical Clinic licensed medical doctor in San Francisco provides ADD and ADHD treatment at EZCare Clinic. Call (415) 966-0848 or schedule an appointment online today.

How is ADD or ADHD Treated?
The Attention Deficit Disorder Association has suggested that approximately 6-8% of adults in the U.S. suffer from ADD or ADHD. Patients at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco have responded positively to treatments that include both medication and therapy counseling.

EZCare Clinic offers stimulant medications or stimulant-free medications and therapy sessions and counseling that help patients train their mind to reduce symptomatic behavior and replace negative thoughts with positive actions. The first step to managing ADD or ADHD symptoms is to seek proper help from one of our doctors at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco.

It is common for people to assume that ADD or ADHD are conditions that only affect children. However, these conditions can affect people of all ages, disrupting their quality of life and interfering with relationships.

Now is the time to stop worrying. ADD and ADHD symptoms are entirely manageable. New patient diagnostic exams are only $199 plus $175 initial visit consultation fee. If a diagnosis has already been provided, the first visit in our office is only $175 upon receipt of proper medical records.

At EZCare Medical Clinic in San Francisco, there is no need to wait days for an appointment for ADD or ADHD treatment. Learn more about their new telehealth online care program. Schedule an appointment today online. EZCare Medical Clinic also offers other services, including:

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EZCare Clinic is open today to provide ADD or ADHD treatment to qualified patients. Call EZCare Medical Clinic in San Francisco at (415) 966-0848 or schedule an appointment online today.

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