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This summer, take a spiritual vacation…


This summer, take a spiritual vacation…

Introducing a new spiritual vacation booking website,, launched to promote spiritual programs offered by retreats worldwide. Find the perfect spiritual vacation for yourself on Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Holiday Events, Spiritual Travels, Permaculture or Ayurveda. With's unique "Three Free Forever" offer, retreats from around the world can publish up to three simultaneous program listings at any time for free.

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WALNUT, Calif., Aug. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- It's summer. It's hot. You took a week off from work and went for that exciting family trip you had planned for months. And now you're back… but something's still missing. You don't feel rested, recharged or rejuvenated. And that puzzles you, isn't that what the vacation was supposed to do?!

You're not alone. Many of us fail to realize what we really need when we are on vacation… We need time to rest, relax and retreat. We actually want to draw our senses inward, and just 'be.' We don't need sightseeing tours, or all-you-can-eat-buffets. We don't really want to indulge our senses in corporeal pleasures… actually, it's quite the opposite.

A vacation truly comes alive only when we allow ourselves to take a vacation from our senses. Eating simple nutritious food, spending time in nature, getting a heavenly massage, swimming in a river, meditating on top of a rock and being one with our spirit…. this is what we crave. Letting our mind rest without worrying about showing up to mundane shindigs, or engaging in small talk, does wonders for our spiritual and mental well-being.

On a spiritual vacation, this is exactly what you get. At first, you may exclaim, "What is this? Why am I here?" You cannot believe you've been left to your own resources.

But then, you slowly learn to tune out the noise, the humdrum of your busy life, and let that over-active mind of yours relax. You learn to add gaps between your thoughts. These gaps slowly become larger and longer.. and before you know it, you realize that you successfully meditated for the first time.

You feel alive again, refreshed and rejuvenated. Not just your body with the yoga classes, nature walks, pure food and invigorating massages, but your mind as well. Your mind feels lighter… the worries that plagued you two weeks ago seem trivial now, almost childish.

You feel like you're shining from inside, a warm mysterious glow that is visible only to you and no one else. This is because your spiritual vacation has purified your mind, body and spirit. Your perspective has changed, the paradigm has shifted ever so slightly. You feel connected with your inner spirit. You feel the world is at your feet. Your unasked questions have found answers. Without realizing it, you have expanded your horizons, your sacred horizons…

Introducing a brand new spiritual vacation booking website,, launched to promote spiritual retreats worldwide. This new booking site makes it easy for retreats to promote their upcoming spiritual programs on Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Holiday Events, Spiritual Travels, Permaculture and Ayurveda.

Many spiritual retreats across the world are non-profit organizations, and they struggle with marketing their retreats and filling up their programs. is different from other booking websites, because it charges no commissions, booking fees or membership dues. While other similar booking websites profit based on commissions of 10-15% per reservation, allows its retreats and their guests to book as many reservations as they want, without charging any fees.

With their unique "Three Free Forever" offer, retreats can publish unlimited programs on the website for free, restricted to three simultaneous program listings at one time. When one program fills up or expires, they can simply replace it with another. They can also purchase additional spots for a nominal yearly fee of one hundred dollars. These increase the number of program listings that can be published simultaneously on the website. This is how plans to generate revenue in the future.

Each retreat gets access to their own sophisticated and user-friendly Retreat Dashboard, and they can easily manage their retreat profile, setup locations, add program details such as prices, images, accommodations, travel logistics, activities, daily schedule, facilities, local attractions, instructors, services and much more. plans to partner with thousands of spiritual institutions from over a hundred countries, and constantly keep adding new retreats and programs.

"My goal with launching this website is to have spiritual aspirants easily find the retreat that can help them escape the stress of their daily lives and offer them a life-changing experience. I want people to discover their spiritual path, whether they find it in Greece, Thailand, or California." says Nidhi Gupta, Founder of

Nidhi describes herself as a lifelong spiritual aspirant, a yoga teacher, an ayurvedic chef, and a vedic science student. Originally from India, she has called California her home for the last twenty years. She spent over fifteen years working in accounting and technology industries, before deciding to chase worthwhile pursuits like discovering her spiritual path.    

To search for spiritual programs that might interest you, visit; or if you are a spiritual retreat, send Nidhi an email at nidhi(at) to learn how you can join.

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