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ProfNet Experts Available on Andy Warhol, Living Your Best Life, More


ProfNet Experts Available on Andy Warhol, Living Your Best Life, More

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NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.


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  • Imagining Andy Warhol's Social Media Usage
  • U.S. Adults Now Spend 50% of Their Day Interacting With Media
  • There Are Only 4 Things in Your Way (Not 100)
  • Change Your View, Change Your Life
  • Help Rescue Dogs Acclimate Through Sports


  • US Culture Writer – The Independent (NY)
  • Story Editor – Barron's (NY)
  • Money & Politics Reporter – MarketWatch (DC)


  • News in a Snap: 11 News Agencies to Follow on Snapchat
  • Be Your Own Editor: 5 Tips for Expertly Editing Your Own Work
  • Blog Profiles: Vegetarian Blogs



Imagining Andy Warhol's Social Media Usage
Dr. Sarah DeIuliis
Visiting Assistant Professor
Duquesne University Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies
In celebration of Andy Warhol's 90th birthday on Aug. 4, Dr. DeIuliis is able to discuss how Warhol may have used social media if he were alive today. DeIuliis believes the iconic pop artist may have celebrated the idea of Instagram-famous people who post photos/videos that would attract more likes and depicted what those individuals experienced every single day -- not unlike what Warhol often did with his art.
Says Dr. DeIuliis: "Through his art, Warhol sought to reflect society and culture, and essentially depicted human communication, behavior and cultural values. Through looking at Warhol's art from this perspective, we see that his work reflected American culture, marked by a fixation, recognized or not, by commodity and mass communication."
Contact: Emily Stock,

U.S. Adults Now Spend 50% of Their Day Interacting With Media
Dr. John Huber
Mainstream Mental Health
According to the first-quarter 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, nearly half of an adult's day is dedicated to consuming [media] content. In fact, American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media. Says Dr. Huber: "This study is not surprising, but it should be a collective wake-up call for our culture. Too much time engaging with a screen and too little time engaging with one another can have negative mental health consequences. Constantly being on your phone, computer or other screen may be an indication of an addiction to stimulation. We don't see people waiting in line at stores that aren't always checking their phone or reading something. When people interact with one another and enjoy the serenity of being in nature, it can open the doors to tranquility, peace, communal participation, and inner relaxation. Our minds, like our bodies, need to rest."
Dr. Huber is the chairman for Mainstream Mental Health, a non-profit organization that brings lasting and positive change to the lives of individuals that suffer from mental health issues. A mental health professional for more than 20 years, Dr. Huber is a clinical forensic psychologist and a practitioner with privileges at two long-term acute-care hospitals. He has appeared on more than 300 top-tier radio shows and 30 national television programs, is Law Newz's go-to clinical psychologist, and appears regularly on "America Trends" national television show. He is also the host of "Mainstream Mental Health Radio," which is heard nationwide and features interviews with today's top mental health professionals.
TV Clip:
Contact: Ryan McCormick,

There Are Only 4 Things in Your Way (Not 100)
John Assaraf
Assaraf asserts there is less blocking us than we think. Here are the only four things he says are holding us back: "1) Self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth: You don't feel worthy of achieving the goals and dreams you have, and there's a disconnect. 2) Fear: You have fears that are holding you back. There are a variety of core fears, like fear of failure; fear of success; fear of disappointing yourself or others; and fear of being embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed, or judged. 3) The stories/excuses you're telling yourself: You're too old, too young, not good enough, too skilled, too white, too Asian, too black, etc. Those are the stories and excuses you're telling yourself that are keeping you from living your best life. 4) You believe you don't have the knowledge or skills: This is the least of your problems, but you let it hold you back. Your success really has nothing to do with your knowledge and skills because you can get knowledge and skills in nanoseconds online. You can easily figure out what you need to do and how to do it. If you take care of these things, you can really start achieving success -- more than you ever thought possible."
Assaraf is a serial entrepreneur, brain researcher, and CEO of NeuroGym. In the last 25 years, he has grown five multi-million-dollar companies in real estate, internet software, brain research, and life and business coaching and consulting. He is the author of two New York Times best-selling books: "Having It All" and "The Answer." His brand-new book is called "Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Power" (Waterside Press, 2018). Assaraf has made frequent appearances on "Larry King Live" and has been featured in eight films, including the blockbuster smash hit "The Secret" and "Quest for Success" with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. He is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world, with a unique ability to help people release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their very best in life and business. Assaraf is a vegan who creates and eats his own hot sauces, meditates daily, and exercises six days a week. He loves skiing, traveling, taking cooking classes, listening to the Bee Gees and Enigma, and being a dad, husband, and mentor.
Online Press Kit:
Contact: Michelle

Change Your View, Change Your Life
David Cunningham, M.Ed.
Performance Expert, Forum Leader
"If you want new results in life, you've got to take new action. If you're going to take new actions, you've got to get a new view of life. Your actions are totally correlated to your view of life, which is based on the language you use to communicate about life. Change your language, change your view. Change your view, change your life."
Cunningham is a communication expert and seminar leader for Landmark, a personal and professional growth, training and development company that's had more than 2.4 million people use its programs to cause breakthroughs in their personal lives and their communities, generating more than 100,000 community projects around the world. In The Landmark Forum, Landmark's flagship program, people cause breakthroughs in their performance, communication, relationships and overall satisfaction in life. Cunningham is a senior program leader and a Landmark Forum leader with Landmark. He has successfully led programs to hundreds of thousands of people around the world since 1991. He has been extensively trained in presenting and delivering Landmark's programs, material, and technology in a powerful and effective manner, and he achieves the highest ratings from individuals, organizations, and groups for his presentation and delivery. He earned a Master's in Education from Connecticut State University and a Bachelor's in Education from the University of Connecticut. Before he began leading programs for Landmark, Cunningham served as the director of the Connecticut Justice for Children Collaboration and the director of chapter development for the National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse.
Online Press Kit:
Contact: Michelle Tennant,

Help Rescue Dogs Acclimate Through Sports
Carol Novello
Mutual Rescue
"Including your rescue dog in your favorite activities -- such as sports -- is one way to acclimate your canine companion to his or her new life with you."
Novello is the founder of Mutual Rescue, a national initiative that highlights the life-changing power of human-animal relationships. The initiative's first short film, "Eric & Peety," went viral around the world with more than 100 million views in two years, prompting an influx of submissions to be considered for inclusion in the ongoing Mutual Rescue film series. A former senior software executive at Intuit, Novello earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and is proud to include three rescue animals in her family: a German Shepherd dog named Tess and two cats, Herbie and Bode.
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Contact: Michelle Tennant,



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