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Jiannanchun wins highest honor at Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018


Jiannanchun wins highest honor at Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018

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NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018, one of the world's three most authoritative spirits competitions, recently concluded with leading liquor brands from all over the world, including Martell, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Yamazaki, Moutai and Jiannanchun (JNC), among others, having been evaluated. The competition is considered as the Olympics of the liquor industry. Leading Chinese liquor brands JNC and Moutai were given special recognition by the judges for the fine quality of the liquor. Moutai won the Finalist award with a score of 96, while JNC, rated at 97, was awarded the highest honor of the competition, the Chairman's Trophies.

the honor certificate granted to Jiannanchun

Ultimate Beverage Challenge is an annual non-commercial professional tasting competition held in New York. The judging panel consists of representatives from authoritative organizations and professionals in the industry designated by the organizing committee. The rigorous science-based evaluation process, which lasts for two to three months, covers sample delivery and the blind taste test followed by a phased evaluation process. What the judges taste is just a glass of liquor regardless of the packaging and brand. The entries are rated based on a precise and fully validated evaluation process.

The key to succeeding in the competition, in which the world's most reputable brands participated, including Martell, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker and Yamazaki, depends entirely on the quality of the product. China-based liquor maker JNC, a leader in the Chinese fragrant liquor industry, impressed the judges with the quality and style of its products.

The success at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018 has gone far in raising the awareness of the JNC brand worldwide. Professionals and liquor aficionados clamored to know more about the liquor maker who took home the highest honor.

Moutai, Wuliangye and JNC are the three leading brands in China. JNC is currently ranked second in terms of production and the size of its storage facilities, in addition to continuing claiming a spot among the top three liquor brands for brand influence, brand reputation and product sales. With the crafted products, JNC continues to create an iconic liquor brand in its home market and promote a Chinese liquor culture.

JNC was listed in records that date back to the reign of Emperor Dezong during the Later Tang Dynasty period (May 27, 742 to February 25, 805), naming it as the dynasty's chosen imperial liquor, and is currently the only well-known Chinese liquor brand that can boast of such a historical lineage. In addition, JNC is the only liquor manufacturer in existence dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

With over 1,500 years of history, JNC continues to ensure the consistent quality of its products. JNC, which developed a unique brewing process that has remained unchanged for more than a millennium, and Wuliangye, are considered China's top two liquor brands in terms of producing fragrant products using five types of grain: ordinary rice, sticky rice, wheat, corn and sorghum. With its unique brewing process, quality control, careful selection of raw materials and craftsmanship, JNC provides wealthy consumers with the liquor of choice.

As China continues to make an increasing impact on the world, the country's liquor brands are accelerating their expansion into international markets. China-based liquor manufacturers have moved onto the international stage over the last few years and liquor made in China has started to be included in the global evaluation system. In December 2017, JNC attended The Chinese Arts Gala held at UN headquarters in New York in the role as a strategic partner. As the first Chinese liquor maker to display at UN headquarters, JNC played a significant role in the promotion of Chinese culture. The distiller displayed its Lunar New Year message on one of the large billboards overlooking New York's Times Square for the second time earlier this year. With the message spreading across the world, sales of JNC liquor worldwide have noticed a remarkable pick up.

Jiannanchun appears above Times Square

The positive feedback received by JNC for its brand marketing events held in cities around the world has laid a solid foundation for its success in winning the highest honor at Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018, considered as a milestone for Chinese liquor brands expanding into international markets. We have reasons to believe that leading Chinese liquor makers will accelerate their move onto the international stage with products sold in every corner of the globe.

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