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Dusty L. Friedley's Newly Released "Neanderthals in the Bible" is the Fascinating, Scriptural Retelling of the Origins of Mankind


Dusty L. Friedley's Newly Released "Neanderthals in the Bible" is the Fascinating, Scriptural Retelling of the Origins of Mankind

"Neanderthals in the Bible" from Christian Faith Publishing author Dusty L. Friedley is an engaging layman's introduction to the paleoanthropological history and origins of humanity as told from a biblical perspective and with Scripture in the forefront, to reconcile the stories of science with religion and provide a fuller picture of man's past, illustrating how, throughout it all, there runs a ribbon of true love that gives it all meaning.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., Aug. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Neanderthals in the Bible": a brilliant reconciliation of science and scripture. "Neanderthals in the Bible" is the creation of published author Dusty L. Friedley, who decided to write this book after an astonishing PBS broadcast on decoding Neanderthals—and as a way to escape living and recovering from illness at home 24/7.

Friedley shares, "I began to write this book because of a correlation that I thought existed between what the Bible says and what the science of our day is saying. After having already witnessed the arrival of giants on two separate occasions in the Bible, I was then provoked by the programs listed previously. It seemed to me that the surprising revelations of both had a common cause.
When I heard them talking up the genome project and how it was revealing our common history with the Neanderthals and every other biped that ever existed, I immediately thought of those giants. Neanderthals weren't giants; they were about the same size as us, only brawny. They are said to be the most human of all the species that science is finding. The way the genetic numbers were presented was what first tipped me off to their similarities. The numbers that science was willing to give us had to do with the 0–3 percent of them that we all contained. The number I wanted to hear was how much of us they contained. In all of these programs, I never heard them say that Neanderthal was 60 or 80 percent human. What I wanted to know was if they are the most human, how human were they?"

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dusty L. Friedley's new book reads like a compelling series of detailed informal research notes on the topic of human beings' origins that would excite any avid seeker of truth.

The author's enthusiastic reasoning bolsters the inherent fascination of the topic coupled with the realization that, for a Christian in today's scientific world, such discussions are not only interesting but necessary, even faith-affirming.

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