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Author Gordon Walsh's Newly Released "They Called Me Retard" Teaches Readers How to Understand and Overcome Childhood Trauma


Author Gordon Walsh's Newly Released "They Called Me Retard" Teaches Readers How to Understand and Overcome Childhood Trauma

"They Called Me Retard" from Christian Faith Publishing author Gordon Walsh is the story of a man who was victimized as a child. Through his struggle to understand and overcome his childhood trauma, author Gordon Walsh shows readers how to develop foundations of faith, discipline, and intimacy to overcome the pain that still adversely affects their lives.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., August 03, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "They Called Me Retard": a story to help readers understand and overcome the scars of childhood trauma. "They Called Me Retard" is the creation of published author, Gordon Walsh. Gordon's fractured past did not hold him back from becoming an Army Sniper, Army Ranger, and Green Beret. With his relentless desire to overcome and his relationship with Jesus Christ, the challenges he faced in academia did not hold him back from achieving multiple degrees. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business administration and a Master's degree in Ministry. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Ministry. Prior to retiring from the Army, Gordon was called by God to change careers and start a new career with God. Gordon is currently the senior pastor of New Heritage Church in Kennewick, WA. He is now a warrior for God. The inspiration to tell his story can be accredited to his wife, Teresa. She believed his story would help others as well as inspire them.

"This book is about true traumatic events that have occurred, and in my quest, you will acquire skills to overcome your past despite the fractured foundation that was laid in one's youth. These teachings will not only help you to overcome, but provide understanding about the various foundations, which encompasses us as humans." --Gordon Walsh

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Gordon Walsh's new book teaches readers how to overcome childhood trauma.

When it comes to dealing with childhood trauma, avoidance can ensnare one into a life of despair. It can leave a person with a lack of purpose. The darkened words spoken to or unspeakable actions inflicted upon trauma victims can become part of their very being. Childhood trauma's essentially become part of a person's DNA. The wounds trauma victims carry can hinder them throughout their entire adult lives. In "They Called Me Retard," readers will learn how to overcome childhood trauma by a person who overcame physical and mental abuse.

What began as a struggle to overcome childhood trauma turned into a journey of discovery. By developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, Gordon Walsh transformed tragic experiences into victory. The label "retard" was fused into his thoughts by the cruel words and actions of others, but a new identity was birthed, and his journey led him from brokenness to greatness as a Green Beret and man of God. This triumphant story will leave reader with a better understanding of how childhood trauma becomes graphed into one's DNA. It will also provide them with the tools needed to overcome any obstacle.

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