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Horizontech, Inc. Releases New Returned Mail Solution for Suppression, Mail Tracking and Automation


Horizontech, Inc. Releases New Returned Mail Solution for Suppression, Mail Tracking and Automation

reTRACK is released to automate Suppression workflow with updated addresses and USPS© returned mail

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DANVILLE, Va., August 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Horizontech, Inc. (HTI), a Global information technology solutions company, today announced the official release of reTRACK. The new solution is built into HTI's Platform as a Service, which includes the RMSLink Address and Phone Search Software as a Service (SaaS), which locates and reports new addresses, move dates, phone and demographic information on Lost Customers and Businesses.

A growing year over year issue, 4% of all First Class mail is undeliverable as addressed, with a high percent of these related to unreported moves and lost customers. The impact to the US economy is $65 Billion dollars annually. HTI helps companies automatically resolve their lost customer issue, which includes making timely payments and updates for healthcare providers and payers, auto and consumer lenders, banks, telecommunications and many other key industries.

Enabled by HTI's proprietary XperTran© platform, RMS provides a turnkey, rapid response post-mail Managed Service that automates the receipt, management, customer resolution and reconnection associated with lost Customers due to undeliverable mail, incorrect addresses and phone numbers. As part of this Managed Service, HTI updates lost Consumer and Business accounts, and provides integrated platform workflow options for remail of original return mail and letters to updated addresses. Customers have immediate access to data for host updating, while HTI makes automated attempts at re-delivery to the updated addresses. HTI provides mail tracking and analytics on deliverability associated with all remailed documents through its rebound process. While deliverability rates are high on updated addresses, there will always be addresses that continue to be undeliverable for a variety of reasons – the consumer or business has moved again, may not have a mail box in order, and may be a delivery error by the USPS®, as examples. These documents will be returned again to HTI, and fully reported back to our customers as automated customer service and collections data.

While remail and rebound processing is a flexible and configurable platform workflow solution, HTI has experienced increased rates of rebound mail within select industries. Healthcare Providers, as example, have historically mailed multiple statements to the same Patient over a period of time. HTI has been relying on customers to quickly suppress print on accounts that have been rebounded and take appropriate action. Unfortunately, not all customers quickly suppress print, as well may have multiple documents in the mail stream at any given time for a single account. These returns have processed through HTI's platform without historical checks on accounts, therefore multiple remails to the same updated address could have all been returned again as rebound records. HTI saw this as a great opportunity to build another technology solution.

reTRACK reviews 100% of all customer returns to be searched and utilizes RMSLink to search for updated address and phone information, then tracks historical records, making logical decisions on whether to release the updated address or suppress, to further eliminate the issue of subsequent rebounds to the same updated bad address.

"We invented the remail and rebound process for visibility, tracking and controls to the issue," stated Bob Hedstrom, Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. "Now, we have the ability to configure each customer, based on their own workflow requirements, on whether we continue to search for John Q. Smith for a newer address, or suppress, based on history, mail tracking and deliverability. This is yet another new, forward-thinking platform workflow solution that is meant to help our customers become more successful with automating resolution to the issue. Technology should drive results, not humans."

About Horizontech, Inc.
Horizontech is a Global information technology organization. HTI provides a custom, rapidly deployed, configurable Platform as a Service (PaaS). The PaaS is a solution that fully automates mission critical business processes for paper and digital assets. The platform enabled for return mail (RMS) provides an end-to-end audit trail and archive on 100% of lost customers and returned documents, from receipt to resolution and host(s) update; includes real-time tracking, analysis, statistics and customized reporting. RMS is the most comprehensive platform for return mail in the U.S.

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